Working in Canada

Work experience can help you prepare for your career, gain exposure to the Canadian workplace, earn extra money, and form a closer connection to the local community.

As an international student, there are several types of work you can do in Canada.

Working on campus

International students may work on NorQuest campuses if opportunities are available. Possible on-campus jobs include Peer tutoring and being a Student ambassador.

Working off campus

You may be eligible to work off campus while completing your studies if you are:

  • currently a study permit holder
  • enrolled, full-time, in a designated post-secondary institution, and
  • studying an academic, vocational, or professional training program that leads to a degree, diploma, or certificate, which is at least six months in duration

Working in Canada after graduation

If you are graduating from a full-time diploma or certificate program that is longer than eight months, you may be eligible for a Post-graduation work permit. This open work permit allows you to work full-time after graduation for a period of time equal to or longer than your career program length.

Visit Citizenship and Immigration Canada for more information on eligibility and processing times.

Email us at if you have questions.

Important! It is illegal to study and work in Canada without appropriate authorization.


Volunteer work is a great way to be involved in the community. It allows students to gain valuable work experiences and also strengthens their resumes and enhances future employment opportunities.

Besides on-campus volunteer opportunities, more opportunities may be available through Volunteer Connector.