Shine Awards at NorQuest College

Shine Awards are given to students who ‘shine’ in the classroom and on campus. These awards recognize students who have been selected by instructors for their thoughtful contributions and willingness to help others. Each award is valued at $500.

Three NorQuest employees celebrating the Shine awards

Be a difference maker

As a NorQuester, you’re making a difference through the talent and expertise you bring to the college. However, you can take this a step further and provide financial assistance to learners who have the drive but not the means to attend NorQuest.

Advance equity

NorQuest is a vibrant and diverse community. We strive to create an inclusive campus—a place where all learners can accomplish their goals. By donating towards the Shine Awards, you can play a crucial role in helping to advance equity and live out our mission of transforming lives.

Be part of the donor community

Our donors are generous, committed individuals who understand the power of education. When you donate to NorQuest, you become part of this supportive and compassionate community.

Make a donation towards the Shine Awards

Have questions about employee?

If you have any questions about setting up your employee giving, please contact the Advancement team.

Kimberley Brown
Development Officer, Annual Givings