Creating an award or bursary

Our learners come to NorQuest for the inclusive learning experience and to gain direct entry into specific careers. Awards and bursaries help remove the common barriers our students face when pursuing higher education, so they can focus on their futures.

A donor shaking the hand of an award recipient

How do awards and bursaries make an impact?

Finances are one of the main barriers that prevent learners from attending post-secondary. Many learners worry about paying for tuition and fees or taking out student loans and accumulating sizable debt. While the vast majority of our learners understand the importance of education, some simply do not have the financial ability to attend college.

Access to education

Receiving an award or bursary removes these financial barriers and provides access to education. Motivated and dedicated learners have the opportunity to gain a work-relevant education and start a meaningful career.

It can also provide current NorQuest learners who are experiencing financial hardship the hand-up they need to complete their program.

Fosters economic development

When our workforce is strong, our economy is strong. By providing hands-on education to learners who are experiencing financial limitations, the workforce and economy benefit from highly trained and committed professionals.

Creates generational change

When a NorQuest graduate completes their program and starts their career, they experience firsthand the value of education. They can see what impact it has on them and their household, and they can be role models for future generations

  • $937,392
    Total funds distributed in the 2022-2023 academic year.
  • 1,737
    students received a bursary or scholarship in the 2022-2023 academic year.

Create an award or bursary

Become a difference maker and create an award or bursary at NorQuest College. Contact our Annual Givings Office to get started!

Kimberley Brown
Development Officer, Annual Givings