1000Women4STEM has allowed women to make their dreams a reality by removing barriers, so they can pursue a STEM-related education.

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Inspired Possibilities for Women in STEM

In STEM, unemployment rates are 50% higher for women. By overlooking and undervaluing women’s contribution to the industry, the negative impact is large and incredibly problematic. It creates mental health challenges for women as they try to build their careers.

And it leads to less collaboration in STEM fields, effectively preventing breakthroughs and innovation. It also impacts the economy and women’s ability to gain financial security.

However, by contributing to 1000 Women, you can help narrow the pay gap, create a healthy workplace culture, enhance women’s economic independence, and build a more diverse STEM workforce focused on talent, drive, and discoveries. You can provide an impactful gift that never stops giving.

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Your Impact 

Donors like you not only change the life of one woman, but also impact the entire STEM industry and help countless women and generations build thriving, meaningful careers. By pledging only $83 a month, you can contribute $1000 over a year. And as more donors make this commitment, the ripple effect can create great, important change. 

Donate today and be part of a growing movement with the mission to create a STEM industry that’s welcoming and inclusive. 

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