Battle against the competition and prove to be the real King of the Iron Fist Tournament

Attack, shield, and dodge as you compete in the hardest fighting game in Esports.

Meet the team

Dylan McBride

Dylan McBride

Early Learning and Child Care

“I’m confident I’d be really good at slaying monsters.” 

Dylan learned the value of playing on an esports team early on. As kids, Dylan and his friends would game together and learn each other’s playing styles while also pushing each other to improve. For him, it was the ultimate team, and his interest in gaming has continued for almost 10 years. Now, it’s a culture and a lifestyle. 

If Dylan could be a video game character, he’d be Geralt of Rivia (Witcher). 

Charlie Sackey

Charlie Sackey


“I’m pretty good at platforms, and I used to do speed runs.”

Charlie is passionate about Tekken, so it makes perfects sense he joined the Tekken varsity team. His favourite gamers are JDCR and Lil Majin, and if he could be any video game character, he’d be Armor King.

When asked why someone should join NorQuest Esports, he emphasized it’s a flexible, lovely community and a great way to meet new friends and learn new games.

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