T2202 Tax Receipt Info

T2202 tax receipts for eligible students will be available by the third week of February. T2202s can only be accessed through MyQuest – log in to view, download, or print your tax receipt.

Starting with the 2019 tax year, Canada Revenue Agency is changing the way education amounts can be claimed. The student’s social insurance number (SIN) will need to be included on Form T2202. In order to comply, students can now log into their MyQuest account and update their SIN. View instructions

Note: Students in upgrading and foundational programs are not eligible for a T2202 tax receipt.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the T2202?

The T2202 Tuition and Enrolment Certificate is an official tax receipt issued to eligible students for use in claiming education expenses on an income tax return. It identifies the amount of eligible tuition and fees that were paid in the preceding calendar year, as well as the number of months of full-time or part-time attendance. Amounts are pro-rated for programs or courses that start and end in different calendar years.

Note: A calendar year is the period from January 1 through December 31.

What do you mean by eligible tuition and fees?

Not all fees are eligible to be included on the T2202. To qualify as a deduction for income tax purposes, fees must be more than $100 and must be for non-credit courses and/or credit courses taken at the post-secondary level (e.g. Academic Upgrading courses do not qualify). In addition, non-tuition fees such as Students’ Association and health and dental fees are not eligible.

Refer to the Canada Revenue Agency – Eligible tuition fees page for additional information.

When are the T2202 tax receipts available?

They will be available in MyQuest by the third week of February.

How do I get a copy of my T2202?

The T2202 is only available online through the Student Center page in MyQuest. You can either view the T2202 online, print, or download a copy for your records.

Who do I contact if I can’t remember my User ID and password for MyQuest?

How do I access my T2202 online?

To access your T2202 online:

  • Log in to MyQuest
  • Go to Self Service > Student Center
  • Go to the Finances section and under My Account, click T2202 Tax Receipt
  • Select the Tax Year from the drop-down list (e.g. 2019)
  • You can either copy the information directly onto your income tax form, download a copy for your records, or print a copy for future reference
  • Click Create Printable T2202 (PDF) to print a paper copy

What do I do if I experience problems generating a copy of my T2202?

The T2202 tax receipt is an Adobe Acrobat PDF document. Ensure you have the most current version of Adobe Reader.

If I pay my tuition and fees for my Winter 2020 term in 2019, will it be included on my T2202 for 2019?

No, only tuition and fees paid for courses that started in 2019 are eligible.

If I am taking courses full-time, why does my T2202 state I was part-time?

The full-time/part-time status on the T2202 is based on the hours of attendance in a month, not on your student status. The federal government’s definition of full-time hours may be different than NorQuest College’s definition. Also, the start date of a course may be at the end of a month, affecting the hours calculated for that month.

Note: Some students may be eligible to claim full-time status under the Disability Tax Credit. Refer to the Canada Revenue Agency website for more information.

The school has the wrong address for me. How can I correct that for my T2202?

You can update your address in MyQuest, your online student centre.

What if I suspect that there is an error on my T2202, or if I have questions relating to my tuition amount or education months? Who do I contact?

I have lost my original tax receipt for an older tax year not available on MyQuest (previous to the year 2011); how do I get a duplicate copy?

Why does my T2202 state ‘Revised’? Can I still use this form for my tax return?

A T2202 denotes ‘Revised’ when a manual adjustment was made to your account. The revised version will reflect the most up-to-date information. It is considered a valid receipt for income tax purposes.

What if a third party (e.g. my parents) wants to claim the amount on the T2202?

The T2202 will only be issued in the name of the person who was registered in classes at the College. You can print the T2202 and sign the authorization on page two of the form to transfer the credits to a third party, such as a parent.

What if I have questions about filing my income tax return or understanding what I can deduct for tax purposes?

The college does not provide income tax advice. For information on filing your income tax return, contact the Canada Revenue Agency by visiting www.cra-arc.gc.ca or calling 1.800.959.8281.

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