Why Work at NorQuest?

“We, as staff, have inspired our students to achieve their dreams. But there is reciprocity... students inspire me on a daily basis. It is a privilege to journey with them as they discover who they are and what they can achieve. Our students have provided me with meaningful work, and I owe them a great deal for the person I am today.”

Sheilagh McBride, Instructor, 25 years

A career at NorQuest College allows you the opportunity to show your initiative and to develop your potential. It also means being part of a team that will always support you and guide you towards success, since your success is intimately intertwined with our own.

At NorQuest College, a meaningful career is also about the opportunity to give something back. Our work positively influences the lives of our students everyday, but we also provide more opportunities to make a more personal contribution and connection to our students.

Through our SHINE fundraising campaign, one-third of our staff make a gift on an annual basis. The SHINE campaign was developed to enhance the NorQuest experience for current and future students.

At NorQuest, we support our employees in these ways:

  • recognize commitment and contribution
  • celebrate the diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds of our students and staff
  • foster creativity, innovation, and critical thought
  • develop strong and lasting relationships with business, the community, and other educational partners
  • offer competitive salaries and a comprehensive benefits program
  • provide opportunities for advancement and further education