Why Work at NorQuest?

We are delighted to be named as one Alberta’s Top Employers for 2021! This award reflects the hard work of NorQuest employees to develop our culture and work together as difference makers to our students, community, and the Alberta economy.

A career at NorQuest College allows you the opportunity to show your initiative and to develop your potential. It also means being part of a team that will always support you and guide you towards success, since your success is intimately intertwined with our own.

At NorQuest College, a meaningful career is also about the opportunity to give something back. Our work positively influences the lives of our students everyday, but we also provide more opportunities to make a more personal contribution and connection to our students.

Through our SHINE fundraising campaign, one-third of our staff make a gift on an annual basis. The SHINE campaign was developed to enhance the NorQuest experience for current and future students.

At NorQuest, we support our employees in these ways:

  • recognize commitment and contribution
  • celebrate the diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds of our students and staff
  • foster creativity, innovation, and critical thought
  • develop strong and lasting relationships with business, the community, and other educational partners
  • offer competitive salaries and a comprehensive benefits program
  • provide opportunities for advancement and further education

Why we work at NorQuest

Myra Gillis works as an Administrative Assistant in NorQuest's Culture & Development department and has been with the college for two years. She is a NorQuest alumna who graduated from the Administrative Professional program in 2018. “Working at NorQuest College means working in a diverse community and at the same time, feeling a place of belonging. There are wonderful opportunities here for employees. For one, learning and development is encouraged and supported with a variety of in-house training options and workshops. There is also easy access to mental health support. Also, everyone I’ve met and worked with is helpful in providing ideas, information, and support that makes my work much easier. At NorQuest, you will become a part of a growing community of difference makers; you will help transform the lives of NorQuest students and employees.”

Robert Bradley works as a Faculty Program Administrator and has worked at NorQuest for one year. Formerly a student who graduated from NorQuest's Business Administration diploma program, Robert says he loves being part of a team that works to deliver an amazing and fulfilling experience to our learners. “NorQuest has given me so many opportunities, both as a student and now as an employee. I’m proud to call myself a NorQuester. If you are considering working at NorQuest as your next step in your career, I highly recommend you apply. You could be part of a team that collectively works to be true difference makers!”

Terri Kezema, Director of People and Talent Operations has been with NorQuest college for nearly five years. "I am so incredibly grateful for the many opportunities NorQuest has afforded me. I have experienced incredible career growth by being trusted to challenge the status quo and encouraged to look for new and better ways to support fellow NorQuesters. I have created working relationships that are deep, meaningful, and respectful of diverse opinions. And last, but certainly not least, knowing that the fruits of my labour contribute to the success of our learners is the best reward. The work we do at NorQuest makes a difference in the lives of students, employees, and community.”

Vanyelle Behr works as an instructor in the Pharmacy Technician program. She graduated from NorQuest’s Pharmacy Technician program in 2015, and has been working at the college for the last four years. "The dedication of staff towards students was clear to me when I was a student at NorQuest. The encouragement I received at the college was honestly life altering. When the opportunity arose for me to return and work at the college, I jumped on it. At NorQuest , I am able to focus on lifelong learning for myself and for students. Working at this amazing place gives me the opportunity to encourage change for the future of healthcare.”

Paula Valente works as Business Operations Support in the Faculty of Business, Environment and Technology. She began as a student and graduated from NorQuest’s Business Administration program in 2018. “It has been an interesting and rewarding experience working at NorQuest! Interesting because I work with a diverse group of individuals and support students in achieving their goals in the same way as I was able to achieve my own. It is really rewarding to see my career shifting to the way I planned—I have been given an opportunity to show my best, excel in my tasks, and practice all that I have learned while studying. I am grateful for my work at NorQuest and wish others can also be part of the future of education by joining this college.”

Kaisha Marinus is a Business Enterprise Specialist who has worked at  NorQuest College for two years. “What I love about NorQuest is being given the opportunity to stretch into roles and responsibilities that have enhanced my skill set. I am able to be experimental in my role and create new enterprise initiatives that are exciting and different from a traditional post-secondary institute. The work is both challenging and rewarding, and I am grateful for my teammates and all the great work we are doing as a brand new college team! If you are looking into working at NorQuest, go for it. Apply for it and reach for the stars. There is so much opportunity in this institution. The work here is limitless.”

Matthew Orlando, Manager of Planning and Projects, has worked at NorQuest for two and half years. “In this time, I have been given a tremendous opportunity to grow my career. I work with an amazing group of people and build meaningful relationships with those who share common values. NorQuest is different – there is no other way to put – but that’s what makes it special. The culture that has been cultivated here is based on compassion, honesty, and empowering individuals. It’s a We vs They mentality that puts learners first. I’m incredibly excited about where our college is headed and very grateful to work for a forward thinking organization.”

Jaylene Martial works as the Indigenous Student Advisor with the department of Indigenous Relations and Support since July 2020. "As a recent graduate, I understand the importance of having a strong support system to guide students throughout their educational experience. This is a place where you can truly give students opportunity. I have had the opportunity to witness amazing work that NorQuest does, not just for student supports but also for employees. If you're considering NorQuest just apply. You will have no regrets!