Why work at NorQuest?

NorQuest College is recognized among “Canada’s Most Admired” corporate cultures as a proud three-time winner (2020, 2017 and 2023)!

We are delighted to be the only post-secondary institution in Canada to receive the award, presented by Waterstone, a leading business recruitment firm.

Highlighting strengths in the areas of leadership, people development, talent management and corporate social responsibility, this recognition reflects the hard work of NorQuest employees to develop an inclusive and welcoming culture and be difference makers to our students, community, and the Alberta economy.

Built on the foundation of “we are who we include,” our culture advances our purpose of transforming lives, framed by the NorQuest 2030 strategy and intentional values and guided by our touchstones: grow, lead, and contribute.

A career at NorQuest College allows you the opportunity to show your initiative and to develop your potential. It also means being part of a team that will always support you and guide you towards success, since your success is intertwined with our own.

At NorQuest College, a meaningful career is also about the opportunity to give something back. Our work positively influences the lives of our students everyday. But we also provide more opportunities to make a more personal contribution and connection to our students.

Through our SHINE fundraising campaign, one-third of our staff make a gift on an annual basis. The SHINE campaign was developed to enhance the NorQuest experience for current and future students.

At NorQuest, we support our employees in these ways:

  • recognize commitment and contribution
  • celebrate the diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds of our students and staff
  • foster creativity, innovation, and critical thought
  • develop strong and lasting relationships with business, the community, and other educational partners
  • offer competitive salaries and a comprehensive benefits program
  • provide opportunities for advancement and further education

Difference makers

If we were to describe what NorQuest College is, we’d say these two words. We are so fundamentally driven in our mission to make a difference to our students, our community, and to our fellow NorQuesters, that it guides what we do, who we meet, and where we are headed.

So how do we make differences? 

  • We empower NorQuesters. We strive for balance between a flexible work environment, connectedness to the campus community, and ensuring NorQuesters are set up to succeed in their roles and responsibilities. NorQuesters are expected to embody our Qs—lead from where you are, be dependable, find ways forward—to name a few, but how you do that is your choice!

  • We unlock potential. Whether its newcomers to Canada who want to improve their English, students who want to complete their academic upgrading, learners pursuing post-secondary education, or anyone who wishes to strengthen their skills through professional development, our passion to educate touches people of all levels and all backgrounds.

  • We strengthen Alberta. From our graduates who hit the ground running, to our partnerships with government, industry, and business, to our commitment to communities, including a dedicated focus on Indigenous communities, we contribute to our province and make it stronger. We strive to be an employer of choice for First Nations, Metis, and Inuit people in Canada by leading, supporting, and being an ally through our work toward decolonization, reconciliation, and Indigenization.

And that’s a snapshot of how we are Difference Makers. But there’s so much more to us and we invite you to explore further!

The Qs—our intentional values:

At NorQuest, we transform lives. And when we do that, we transform communities, we transform the world, we transform the future. We create a true global community – a place of belonging – right here at NorQuest.

The question we ask in everything we do is “How will this change lives for the better?” We are on a quest. We are difference makers. We are NorQuesters.

  • Find ways forward

    NorQuesters meet the challenge of “we can’t” with a boldly curious “How might we…?” We think yes first. We call out processes that make no sense, and instead, create experiences that wow our customers.

    We each have permission to fix and improve things. If you’re stuck, find help. If nobody knows how to do it –yet – get started. And we love win-wins. They’re the ultimate way to a big yes.

  • Be dependable

    NorQuesters do what we say we will do – follow through –even when no one is watching. We own it. Being dependable grows trust.

    And trust helps us get results –results that matter, and results we can only get when trust is high.

  • We > they

    Within NorQuest, there is no “they” and “them” – only us, working together as a team.

    We can achieve so much more when we act together with a common purpose and a determination to change lives. Our actions ripple into local and global communities.

    We are difference makers. We are powerful together.

  • Work at play and play at work

    We’re here to do important work. And because it’s important, we celebrate and make time for real connections.

    Be playful. Play is a way to be creative and solve problems.

    Do fun stuff. Laugh lots.

    Play in the flow of work.

  • Be compassionate

    Compassion creates belonging. How we treat each other matters. What we do now impacts seven generations.

    Where there is fear, we turn up empathy and listening. We don’t know what other people are holding or carrying, so we start with compassion. What a difference a genuine smile can make.

    NorQuesters take care of each other and we take care of ourselves, so we can take care of changing lives.

  • Lead from where you are

    Leading is mindset and action, not title. Be empowered to take action.

    Because NorQuesters are difference makers, we are relentless about adding value to one another, to our customers, and to our community. We recognize and celebrate leadership in each other.

    When every one of us leads from where we are, lives change.

  • Start small & think big

    Small things matter. Small things can be fixed easily and everyone has the responsibility and ability to fix small things that matter.

    But small thinking isn’t enough. We all need to think big. Think disruptively. Think 10X and moonshots.

    Then we map out the steps to get there.

  • Have honest conversations

    Create a safe place where people can speak up, have brave conversations, in respectful, responsible and thoughtful ways, without fear of repercussions.

    Stories guide us towards clarity. Listen well.

    No one has time for jargon, mixed messages or gossip. There is kindness in clarity.

  • Be boldy curious & intentionally courageous

    NorQuesters are curious in bold ways. We ask questions. We check our assumptions. We invite perspectives. We are intentionally courageous in exploring disruptive ideas, holding a growth mindset, and trying new ways.

    We don’t settle for good enough. We execute well, but don’t wait for perfection. We learn quickly from mistakes and failures.

    We bring curiosity and courage to every challenge.