Hospitality & Service Industry

Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation Hospitality Institute

The Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation Hospitality Institute answers the demand for skilled workers trained in world-class hospitality and customer-service skills. The institute develops and delivers a comprehensive suite of hospitality-industry training programs in a broad range of disciplines needed for employment. Each year, hundreds of students will gain the skills and training needed for bright career futures with hospitality employers throughout the region.

Institute programs are appropriate for individuals who wish to pursue careers and employment in the hospitality and service sectors and for business owners and organizations who would like their staff to have world-class customer service skills and training.

Hospitality ManagementOnline

Looking to take your career to the next level? Or maybe you want to fast-track a career in hospitality? NorQuest College knows the tremendous role the hospitality industry plays in today's economy.

The program has four specializations. Complete all four specializations or take what you need to grow your career in hospitality.
Service Industry SkillsPart-time

The Service Industry Skills training certificate program will provide students with the skills, knowledge and certifications required to become employable in the service industry. These short certifications are designed to get students trained in world-class customer service skills and get working quickly.

(WHMIS) Workplace Hazardous Material Information SystemFull-time, Part-time, Distance, Online
WHMIS course participants learn proper safety procedures to follow when using hazardous products in the workplace. Participants will also learn hazard identification, product classification, product labeling and warning signs. Upon successful completion, participants are issued WHMIS certificates valid for two years.
Concession WorkerPart-time
Service received from a concession is part of the overall guest experience. This course teaches participants the overall operation of the concession stand and how to assist in food production and monitor overall quality, quantity, and presentation. Cash transactions will be discussed.  This course introduces efficient counting skills, merchandise and inventory training, and how debit/credit transactions work. The importance of accountability in this specified role is also discussed. XBUS 2008 – Food Safety Training is also required for completion of the Concession Training Certificate.
Food Safety Training BasicsPart-time
This food safety course is designed for employee-level training in Canada. It will teach students to understand the importance of food safety and handling. Successful completion of this course requires a passing mark on a final exam.
Guest Services Relations HostPart-time
Building on the skills learned in the course "Introduction to the Service Industry", this specialized certificate course trains participants to master the skills of service delivery and exceeding the expectations of the guest and other team members.
Students will learn and practice basic cleaning theory and skills.  Students will also learn about basic chemicals and their use, cleaning tools, and proper cleaning techniques. Students will also take the safety certification that prepares those working in housekeeping to identify hazardous conditions and unsafe practices that lead to slips, trips, and falls in the workplace.
Human Bloodborne Pathogen ExposurePart-time, Distance, Online
Provides a comprehensive overview of safe work practices in a work environment where students can be exposed to bloodborne pathogens.  Issues in general safety and bloodborne pathogens are discussed. Topics include bloodborne diseases, risk assessment, recommended work practices.
Introduction to the Service IndustryPart-time
This course introduces students to the service industry by focusing on three main areas: service industry operations, the safe and clean work environment, and guest service relations. Areas of specialization within the industry will be explored, as well as how to apply for these jobs This course is a prerequisite for students wishing to take XBUS 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2009.
Resume/Cover Letter Writing and Interview SkillsPart-time
Learn to identify the critical components of a resume and a cover letter. Practise constructing both, and receive a professional review of your final product. Acquire practical interview skills, and have the opportunity to demonstrate these in a learning environment.
Server/Host/Suite AttendantPart-time
Different and unique ways to raise the bar in guest services, how to turn a one-time visitor into a regular ticket holder, and 'best practices' will be taught and assessed through practical hands-on instruction.  This course introduces efficient counting skills, merchandise and inventory training, and how debit/credit transactions work, with special emphasis on the importance of accountability in each role.
Ticket Takers/UshersPart-time
Participants will learn how to validate entrance into an event, how to enforce facility regulations, and how to maintain order, ensuring safety and creating an exceptional guest service experience. The ability to identify, assess, and evaluate safety and security risks will also be discussed.