NorQuest's business career programs give students the professional skills and experience to get started in rewarding business careers or continue on to further post-secondary or professional education.

Accounting TechnicianFull-time, Open Studies, Online

Accounting technicians are involved in the day-to-day practical work of accountancy and play a key operational role in producing reliable financial information. They may also perform a wide range of finance roles, from accounts clerk to financial controller and beyond.

Administrative ProfessionalFull-time, Open Studies, Online

The Administrative Professional certificate equips students with the skills and knowledge to become an effective office professional. Students will learn essential office skills such as basic accounting, office management, organizational politics, software applications, business communication, and event management.

Business AdministrationFull-time, Open Studies, Online

Whether you have well-defined goals such as becoming an accountant, an entrepreneur, a business operations manager, a human resources professional, or a financial services representative, the Business Administration diploma program provides a strong foundation for any business career you might choose. Students will explore innovative trends and practices while acquiring the skills and knowledge relevant to current and future industry needs.

NorQuest's program integrates practical learning experiences with unique content for a truly different business program. The practical and intensive training throughout the program helps our graduates become in-demand job candidates.

Dental Office AssistantFull-time

This 12-week, fast-paced Dental Office Assistant program will prepare graduates to work in dental practice settings such as denture clinics, orthodontist and specialist offices, dental labs, and other dental-related businesses and healthcare industries. Students will learn clerical and administrative tasks such as scheduling appointments, billing, filing, customer service and using dental software. This program will provide students with the basic knowledge of dental terminology and applications, administrative skills, and work experience needed to be successful in their role.

Hospital Unit ClerkFull-time, Part-time, Online

Hospital unit clerks play a vital role in managing communication and information in hospital nursing units, and are the first point of contact for patients. Learn medical terminology, how to process medical orders, communication skills, administrative procedures, and computer skills. Offered in fast-paced in-person or online, you can obtain your certificate in just four months, including a one-month practicum in a medical setting.

Veterinary Office AssistantFull-time

This fast-paced 12-week program will prepare you to work in the veterinary field as a valued member of the veterinary team in clinical, emergency, or specialty hospital settings. The program combines office administrative skills, veterinary medical terminology, and hands-on training. Veterinary office assistants have an important role in supporting veterinarians and technicians while interacting with clients and their pets to help make their experience a positive one.

Accounting BasicsFull-time, Distance, Open Studies, Online
Review and apply math concepts to solve business problems, and learn the basic skills required for financial applications, bookkeeping concepts, and procedures. Learn the basics of how financial transactions are recorded using manual and computerized bookkeeping systems.
Accounting Information SystemsOnline
Learn how to develop computer-based accounting information systems, and how such information systems support decision making at all levels of management.
Advanced ExcelFull-time, Distance, Open Studies, Online
This advanced course builds on the MS Excel course and provides you with the opportunity to enhance your skills and productivity. You will learn to use features such as Macros, Scenarios, PivotTables, and Solver to automate tasks, improve efficiencies, and collect and analyze data.
Business Communications IFull-time, Distance, Open Studies, Online
Develop the written and verbal communication skills required of a business professional. In this course, you will examine business writing and develop various letters and memos in a business context. Using critical thinking, you will further practise and perfect your communication skills through critical analysis, persuasive writing, summaries, and oral presentations. APA format is taught and practised throughout the course.
Business Communications IIFull-time, Distance, Open Studies, Online
Build on the skills you learned in Business Communications I. Study specific forms of business and employment communications. Learn to do business research and to document your sources using APA citation style. Learn basic graphic design principles for business communications.
Business LawOnline
Gain a general overview of the Canadian legal system, with emphasis on underlying considerations of social policy. Analyze selected topics from the fields of tort and contract, while considering the nature, sources, philosophy, and policy objectives of the law.
Computer Applications for Dental Office Professionals
Learn to use common dental practice management software. Students will become proficient creating and updating clients, scheduling appointments, managing recalls, coding dental procedures, billing patients and third parties, and recording payments.
Computer Applications for Veterinary Office ProfessionalsOnline
Learn to use common veterinary practice management software. Become proficient at creating and updating client files, scheduling appointments, managing recalls, coding veterinary procedures, billing patients and third parties, and recording payments.
Consumer BehaviourOnline
The solution to marketing problems rests in sound analysis of consumer behaviour. Using the case method, you will find a practical outlet for quantitative and qualitative consumer analysis tools. Cases will explore both goods and services marketing in both industrial and consumer environments.
DatabasesFull-time, Distance, Open Studies, Online
Learn to use the various functions of MS Access. Create queries, tables, forms, reports, and pivot tables. Continue to improve keyboarding speed and accuracy throughout the course.
Dental Office Procedures
Dental administrative professionals play an important role in providing support to dental clients and the dental health-care team. Students will identify key dental health team members, and learn about the laws governing dental health professionals. This course introduces students to the skills required to communicate professionally with diverse clients and within the dental team while utilizing practice management systems. The promotion of dental practice marketing and advertising will be examined.
Dental Terminology
In this course, students are introduced to dental terminology by learning how to read and interpret commonly used dental terms, symbols, and abbreviations. Students will also develop an understanding of basic dental anatomy. An emphasis is placed on the clinical environment of the dental practice, medical emergency response, and infection prevention and control. Students will also examine dental procedures, fee codes, and dental charting.
Field Experience for Accounting TechniciansOnline
Gain hands-on experience in this field experience in a suitable entry-level accounting role in industry, government, or public practice. Successful completion is subject to supervisor evaluation. Note that this work is unpaid.
Field Experience for Administrative Professionals
Practise your technical and employability skills in a real workplace setting.
Finance IOnline
Examine the objectives of financial management and the related role and responsibilities of the financial manager. The approach is practical in nature with references to the development of theories in finance. Using a corporate framework, explore the various sources of funds for a firm.
Finance IIOnline
Study the objectives of financial management and the related role and responsibilities of the financial manager. The approach is practical in nature with references to the development of theories in finance. The various applications of funds by the firm are explored in this sequential course using a corporate framework.
Minute Taking for ProfessionalsPart-time
Minutes are a vital method of recording information and capturing thoughts and ideas. This course will go over the basic elements of minute taking and help participants understand their role as a minute taker. You will learn how to listen to discussions objectively and take concise, accurate minutes as well as extract relevant information and present it in a useful format. You will also learn basic meeting preparation and logistics including how to prepare an agenda.
MS Excel and OutlookFull-time, Distance, Open Studies, Online
Become familiar with MS Excel and MS Outlook. Learn how to design, organize, and edit MS Excel spreadsheets. You will create formulas and functions (statistical, financial, database, and logical) for a variety of business applications and use footers, headers, formatting, and charts. Using MS Outlook, you will learn to send and receive mail, schedule appointments, set up meetings, organize contacts, and create tasks and notes.
MS Word and PresentationsFull-time, Distance, Open Studies, Online
Create a variety of professional business documents.  Increase your proficiency and competency by using Word features such as character and paragraph formatting, columns, editing, tables, styles, and mail merge. Learn to use MS PowerPoint, and create professional business presentations using the advanced features such as transitions, animations, and master slides.
Practicum for Dental Office Assistants
This four-week practicum placement will give students hands-on practice in a dental office or related field.
Practicum for Veterinary Office Assistants
This four-week work experience placement will give learners hands-on practice in an active veterinary clinic or other related veterinary organization. Contact for permission to enroll.
Professional RelationsFull-time, Distance, Open Studies, Online
Develop your employability skills in this course. Learn to prepare a professional resume and handle an interview situation.  Develop work-related skills in team work, conflict management, problem solving and business ethics.
Veterinary Administrative ProceduresOnline
Learn the administrative skills necessary to work in a veterinary office, including customer service skills, organization and time management, professional telephone communications, appointment scheduling, inventory management, and processing payments for treatments and procedures. Become familiar with common veterinary products and animal nutrition basics. Learn how to model animal-friendly care and acquire safe animal approach and handling techniques. Safe work and infection control practices within a veterinary office will also be covered.
Veterinary Terminology and Animal Health SystemsOnline
Study the language of veterinary terminology. Learn how to read and interpret commonly used veterinary medical terms, symbols, and abbreviations. Develop your understanding of small and large animal anatomy and basic animal pathology. Become familiar with frequently prescribed medications and their uses. Achieve fluency through practice sessions, quizzes, and exercises.