Programs A - Z

  • Academic UpgradingFull-time (FT), Part-time (PT), Online

    NorQuest College offers high school courses that follow the Alberta Education curriculum and high school equivalency courses accepted by Alberta and Canadian universities and colleges. These courses prepare you to continue on to post-secondary studies at NorQuest or another college, technical institute or university and increase your job opportunities. Each student receives a skills and prior learning assessment and an individual learning plan to reach your specific goals.

    Academic Upgrading courses are also available through eCampus Alberta

    eCampus courses are available online and have multiple start dates. Visit our eCampusAlberta page for more information or to register.

  • Accounting TechnicianFull-time (FT), Part-time (PT), Online

    Accounting technicians are involved in the day-to-day practical work of accountancy and play a key operational role in producing reliable financial information. They may also perform a wide range of finance roles, from accounts clerk to financial controller and beyond.

  • Administrative ProfessionalFull-time (FT), Part-time (PT), Open Studies, Online

    The Administrative Professional certificate equips students with the skills and knowledge to become an effective office professional. Students will learn essential office skills such as basic accounting, office management, organizational politics, software applications, business communication, and event management.


  • Advanced Education in Orthopaedics for LPNsPart-time (PT), Online

    This post-diploma, advanced certificate program prepares licensed practical nurses (LPNs) with the knowledge and skills for a specialized career in orthopaedics. The program consists of two courses and a clinical practicum. Learners will further their understanding of anatomy and physiology in relation to orthopaedics and orthopaedic radiology, assessment, and trauma. The curriculum includes specialized orthopaedic procedures, including casting.

  • Apprenticeship PrepFull-time (FT)

    This certificate program is designed to prepare you for entry into one of 45 designated trades. The focus of the program is on upgrading, practical trades training, and facilitated work experience.

  • Business AdministrationFull-time (FT), Open Studies

    NEW PROGRAM FOR 2016/17!

    Whether you have well-defined goals such as becoming an accountant, an entrepreneur, a business operations manager, or a human resources professional, the Business Administration diploma program provides a strong foundation for any business career you might choose. NorQuest's new program integrates practical learning experiences with unique content for a truly different business program.

    There are 4 streams for the Business Administration program. All streams provide a flexible and dynamic core understanding of business fundamentals with a wide assortment of job opportunities:

    • Accounting
    • Human Resources Management
    • Management - with Entrepreneurship or business operations management focus
    • General studies
  • Community Support WorkerFull-time (FT), Hybrid

    This exciting 1-year certificate program provides graduates the skills to serve in one of  four unique communities: Aboriginal peoples, immigrants/refugees, individuals with disabilities, and senior citizens. Students will have the opportunity to focus their training in community support practice in a community of their career interest.

  • Continuing Education for Academic UpgradingPart-time (PT), Online

    NorQuest College offers pre-high school (grade 9) courses, high school credit courses, and prep courses for entry to MacEwan University during evenings and online to allow you to balance work and life commitments with your upgrading needs. Many courses accept students on a continuous basis, so you do not have to wait to start.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability

    Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Corporate Sustainability are strategies organizations have long used to internalize and improve their commitment to Sustainable Development. Sustainable environmental, social and governance practices are core to well-established CSR program. Through sound CSR and Sustainability practices organizations can achieve long-term value for shareholders and other stakeholders.

  • Customer Service SkillsPart-time (PT)

    The Customer Service Skills certificate program is targeted to those working with the public, to gain knowledge, skills, abilities and attitude that contribute to a positive customer experience.

  • Day Home ProviderFull-time (FT)

    As a Day Home Provider, you will play an important role in a child's development. This program will teach you about early childhood programming, job presentation skills, and how to run a home-based day home business. If you love children, this will be a rewarding career.

    This program is designed for English Language learners.


  • Early Learning and Child CareFull-time (FT), Part-time (PT), Hybrid

    The Early Learning and Child Care certificate program prepares graduates to provide quality child care in a wide variety of settings and to plan developmentally appropriate activities for the children in their care. Knowledge of child development, family dynamics, play, and program planning will equip graduates to support the healthy development of children through child-centred learning experiences.

  • ESL IntensiveFull-time (FT), Part-time (PT), Online

    Improve your English language speaking, reading and writing skills to prepare for further education or employment. All courses are 4 months long. Free placement testing is available and your program will be tailored to meet your specific needs and level.

    NorQuest offers career English courses as part of this program. They will help you improve your English language speaking, reading, and writing skills and prepare you for further education or employment in specific health and business careers by teaching you the career-specific vocabulary and language used in those professions.

    Are you a current LINC student? Learn why you should come to NorQuest College to continue your ESL education. Download our brochure Learn English at NorQuest College (815K pdf) for the Top 10 reasons NorQuest College is your best choice.

  • ESL Intensive - Continuing EducationPart-time (PT)

    ESL Continuing Education offers a selection of part-time English courses, ranging from general ESL (reading, writing, listening, and speaking) to specialized ESL courses.

  • Foundations for LearningOnline

    NorQuest College has partnered with community adult learning programs to offer college preparatory programming in Albertan communities. The program is focused on building laddering opportunities that allow rural learners to obtain college credits and transfer into post- secondary programming.

    We will assess your skills and prior learning so that you begin at the level that is right for you. Qualified staff will help you design an individual learning plan to meet your specific needs and ensure that you understand your educational path.

    Students are led through learning materials by qualified instructors. Learning resources are available online at any time. Tutorial support is available to students at their local community adult learning program (CALP).

    Find a CALP near you

    Note: These courses are delivered via eCampusAlberta. Each course is $150 plus fees and books.

    To register, select the courses you would like to take, then visit

  • General Computer CoursesPart-time (PT)

    Don't let a lack of computer skills hold you back in your career, education and personal life. Get the basics you need to use computers more effectively with these 1-day courses.

  • Health Care AideFull-time (FT), Part-time (PT), Hybrid, Online

    NorQuest College’s Health Care Aide program is among the largest in Canada and prepares you to be a part of a health-care team in a variety of different settings, providing a high level of front-line care to clients in need of assistance. NorQuest College is licensed to deliver the Health Care Aide Government of Alberta Provincial Curriculum.

    New delivery added! Part-time delivery starting October 2016 in Rocky Mountain House.

    This program is currently at capacity for the September 2016 full-time face-to-face delivery, and is no longer accepting applications. Seats are still available in other deliveries. If you are on the waiting list, seats typically become available one week prior to the start of term and during the first week of classes, and can be filled by students who are able to attend on short notice. Check your MyMail regularly so you don’t miss an opportunity that may become available.


  • Health Care Aide PLAR (Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition)Distance, Hybrid

    The Health Care Aide PLAR (Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition) is a certification process for individuals who have directly related work experience in the past 3 years, but do not have a certificate currently recognized in Alberta. Once you are recommended for the PLAR process, you will receive an individual learner plan for self-study to achieve the level of proficiency required for the Health Care Aide certificate.

  • Home Inspection CertificateDistance

    The program's curriculum is provided by nationally recognized home inspectors Carson Dunlop and is based on the National Occupational Standards for home inspectors in Canada. A construction background is not required. The program helps simplify the technical concepts and avoids theoretical discussions, formulas and calculations. The focus is on things home inspectors need to know and ensuring program graduates are workforce ready.

  • Hospital Unit ClerkFull-time (FT), Part-time (PT), Online

    Hospital Unit Clerks play a vital role in managing information flow in a hospital nursing units. Obtain your certificate in just 4 months, including a 4-week practicum.

    This program is currently at capacity for the Fall 2016 full-time face-to-face delivery, and is no longer accepting applications for the waiting list. Seats are still available in the full-time online and part-time evening deliveries. If you are on the waiting list, seats typically become available one week prior to the start of term and during the first week of classes, and can be filled by students who are able to attend on short notice. Check your MyMail regularly so you don’t miss an opportunity that may become available.


  • Intercultural Communication PractitionerOnline

    In 2008, recognizing the significant growth in the number of new Canadians participating in Alberta’s workforce, NorQuest College created the Centre for Intercultural Education. Part of the Centre’s mandate includes partnering with organizations both in the public and private sectors to conduct applied research that investigates and develops training resources, methodologies and curricula that build English for the Workplace (EWP) and intercultural communication competence.

    The research is designed to develop more resilient and better integrated newcomers in our workplaces and communities. It also targets the intercultural skill development of Canadian-born colleagues who work with this increasingly diverse workforce.

    The Centre’s current inventory Intercultural Communication curriculum is appropriate for the training and development requirements of almost any organization. Situational exercises specific to the conditions that exist in a particular workgroup are often incorporated into training in order to increase effectiveness and impact.

    Participants may take one or all of the courses in this program. Participants who successfully complete all three courses will receive a certificate of completion.

  • LINC - Language Instruction for Newcomers to CanadaFull-time (FT), Part-time (PT), Distance, Hybrid, Online

    Are you new to Canada? NorQuest College supports students' settlement in Alberta and Canada by offering courses that will help you improve English language skills and develop essential skills.

    Our classes are based on educational streams, range from basic literacy to CLB 8, and include specialized courses such as  Youth LINC, LINC Volunteer, LINC Hybrid, LINC Online, LINC Rural Delivery, LINC Home Study, and other employment related programming.

    We have highly qualified instructors, an extensive LINC library, innovative computer and iPad language labs, and offer a variety of extracurricular activities. Learner services such as student advisors and career and work experience consultants, are available to all LINC students via personal appointments, phone, email, Skype, or other messenger tools.

    Tuition for LINC is funded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. There are no fees or tuition for eligible students.

  • Literacy and Essential Skills PathwaysFull-time (FT), Part-time (PT)

    This program prepares foundational learners to move into employment training programs, further upgrading, or work experience-essential skills certification. Tailored to your career goals, current skill sets, and progress, the Literacy and Essential Skills Pathways program focuses on individual learning plans. You will explore career possibilities and work on improving your essential skills in reading, document use, numeracy, writing, oral communication, working with others, thinking, digital technologies, and continuous learning, as they apply to your career path.

    Students enter Pathways Preparation (Term 1) for four months of career and personal portfolio building to prepare for their individual “pathway.”

    In Term 2, pathways consist of one of the six choices outlined in the chart (see Program Details). All but the Community Programming pathway are offered through NorQuest College.


  • LPN Continuing Education CoursesPart-time (PT), Distance, Online

    Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) continuing education courses can be applied to your continuing competency profile. These are self-paced distance education courses. You can register at any time and you will have 26 weeks to complete each course. A certificate of completion is awarded for each course successfully completed.

    The Advanced Education in Orthopaedics for LPNs program allows LPNs to expand their scope of practice by learning special orthopaedic procedures.

  • Medical Device Reprocessing TechnicianFull-time (FT), Hybrid

    The Medical Device Reprocessing Technician program prepares graduates to enter the workforce as Medical Device Reprocessing Technicians. These skilled technicians perform the critical work of sterilizing, packaging, and storing surgical and medical instruments.

  • Medical Office AdministratorFull-time (FT)

    Prepare for a career in helping and healing.

    Are you a Métis individual looking for the opportunity to start a career in the health services sector? If so, the Medical Office Administration program, presented by NorQuest College and Rupertsland Institute, may be for you. This program is designed to provide Métis participants with the knowledge, attitude, computer training and office skills to prepare for careers in medical administration. Successful participants will leave the program with all the skill necessary to compete for a career as a medical office assistant.

    For more information or to apply

    For more information or to apply please contact Roxanne Hall at Rupertsland Institute at or call 780-423-2237.

    Application Deadline

    Application deadline is August 3rd, 2015.

  • Microsoft Office CoursesPart-time (PT)

    Strong working knowledge of Microsoft Office programs is expected in today's workplace. Gain proficiency with Word and Excel with this series of 4-evening courses.

    Check back often, as new courses and programs are added continuously.

  • Pharmacy TechnicianFull-time (FT)

    Our nationally accredited Pharmacy Technician program thoroughly prepares graduates for this fast-paced and highly respected occupation. As a regulated pharmacy technician, you will be involved with preparing prescriptions for dispensing, preparing compounded medications and sterile products, repackaging pharmaceuticals, managing inventory, and providing customer care. The two 4-week practicums give you the opportunity to apply your knowledge and skills in both retail and institutional pharmacy settings.


  • Physical Therapy AssistantFull-time (FT), Online

    The Physical Therapy Assistant diploma program prepares you with the theoretical knowledge and therapeutic skills needed to assist patients in overcoming physical injury or disability. Includes two 6-week practicum experiences in physical therapy settings.

    The fast-track delivery of 16 months of full-time study has graduates enter the workforce sooner.


  • Practical NurseFull-time (FT), Open Studies, Online

    To meet Alberta's growing needs in health care, the demand for Licensed Practical Nurses is increasing. NorQuest's program, one of the largest in Canada, will prepare you to become a professional practical nurse educated to give high-quality care to clients in a variety of health-care settings.

    This program is currently at capacity for the Fall 2016 full time face-to-face delivery at the downtown campus, and is no longer accepting applications. If you are on the waiting list, seats typically become available one week prior to the start of term and during the first week of classes, and can be filled by students who are able to attend on short notice. Check your MyMail regularly so you don’t miss an opportunity that may become available.

    Other delivery options for Fall 2016 and Winter 2017 still have seats available.


  • Practical Nurse RefresherPart-time (PT), Online

    If you are a former Canadian-educated practical nurse or internationally educated nurse and wish to regain your licence to work as an LPN, you can achieve your goal through a combination of challenge exams, transfer credit, and part-time online learning with NorQuest College. You have up to 5 years to complete the Practical Nurse Refresher program and you can start the program at the beginning of any month.

  • Prep for CPNrE Workshop

    The Prep for CPRNE workshop is a 1-day course that will prepare you to write the Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Exam, including study skills, exam practice and classroom assessment and review.

  • Professional Bookkeeping

    Employers are seeking Professional Bookkeepers…They are looking for you!

    This project will provide successful participants with the skills, knowledge, practical experience, and certification to seek employment as a Professional Bookkeeper. You will learn bookkeeping process and administration, be proficient in the latest office and accounting software, understand the payroll process and learn to communicate effectively and professionally. Space is limited, so apply today! 

    More Information / Apply

    For more information or to apply please contact Roxanne Hall at Rupertsland Institute at or call 780-423-2237.

    Application Deadline

    Application deadline is August 3rd, 2015.

  • Project AssistantPart-time (PT), Online

    The Project Assistant program will equip students with the skills and knowledge required to effectively support project managers in their day-to-day operations. Students will learn effective communication, a variety of business software applications to increase their productivity, basic office procedures and functions, and describe fundamental principles, terminology and processes of effective project management.

    • Five core courses (130 hrs total)
    • Part-time online studies
    • Spring, Fall, and Winter intake
    • Optional elective courses
    • On-going student support
  • Service Industry SkillsPart-time (PT)

    The Service Industry Skills Training certificate program will provide students with the skills, knowledge and certifications required to become employable in the service industry. These short certifications are designed to get students trained in world-class customer service skills and get working quickly.

    All students take a common Introduction to the Service Industry (XBUS2002) course, then may choose to take one or more of 5 different specialities, each of which will prepare individuals to enter the service industry with the foundational knowledge in a number of competencies and skills that are applicable across the sector. Each speciality certificate will help advance skills, improve productivity, build talent, elevate expertise, enable growth, and increase efficiency.

    Total course time ranges from 18-30 hours, depending on specialization. Students may add optional certifications to further increase their knowledge and employability.

    Full tuition funding bursaries provided by the Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation are available to qualified students. See Financing Your Education for details.

  • Social WorkFull-time (FT)

    NorQuest College offers an approved, two-year Social Work Diploma program with a multicultural focus. As its mission, the program emphasizes the value of human diversity and teaches practice within an anti-oppressive framework that is supportive and empowering.

    This program is currently at capacity for the Fall 2016 full-time face-to-face delivery, and is no longer accepting applications for the waiting list. If you are on the waiting list, seats typically become available one week prior to the start of term and during the first week of classes, and can be filled by students who are able to attend on short notice. Check your MyMail regularly so you don’t miss an opportunity that may become available.  
  • Strategic Social Media for OrganizationsPart-time (PT), Online

    The use of social media in organizations has become accepted and in fact expected by clients. The challenge that organizations face is how to use these tools effectively to accomplish their goals. This program will equip you with the knowledge to choose the right tool, execute effective tactics and understand how to measure success. This program includes five courses:

    1. Introduction to Social Media for Business
    2. Facebook Strategies
    3. Twitter Strategies
    4. LinkedIn Strategies
    5. Social Media Strategies
  • Supervisor and ManagementPart-time (PT)

    Designed for current or emerging leaders and those looking for promotability within their current or future roles, the Supervisor and Management Certificate program will provide you or your team with the skills and insight required to optimize their performance when supporting their teams and corporate goals. All six courses in the program will support your strategic priorities through the development and delivery of outcomes-based training. Learning activities included in the training optimize engagement and ensure that each key concept and core value is presented in a number of styles and formats. Case study discussions are included.

    This program is eligible for the Canada-Alberta Job Grant.

  • Therapeutic Recreation CertificateFull-time (FT), Open Studies, Online

    This certificate program focuses on knowledge and skills required to plan, implement and evaluate individual or group therapeutic recreation and social activities. Includes a 320-hour practicum. Following successful completion, graduates may continue on to the Therapeutic Recreation Diploma program.


  • Therapeutic Recreation DiplomaFull-time (FT), Open Studies, Online

    Building on the Therapeutic Recreation certificate program, this additional year focuses on the concepts, theory and practical experiences related to leadership and critical thinking you will need to work with clients and enhance their quality of life through leisure activities. The leadership and communication skills you develop will help you encourage clients, who may have cognitive or physical impairments, to participate in activities. Includes a 320-hour practicum.

  • Transitions to EmploymentFull-time (FT)

    This 10-month program is designed to provide employment preparation training for adults with mild cognitive developmental disabilities. Our post-secondary setting enables learners to further their education beyond high school to transition to the workforce.

    Through a combination of classroom and workplace training, you will acquire marketable skills, training on current equipment and understanding of current practices, and increased self-confidence while receiving ongoing, intensive support and mentoring from college staff.

    This program is also known as the Transitional Vocational Program.

  • Youth In TransitionFull-time (FT)

    This full-time program focuses on increasing academic and personal communication skills for ESL (English as a second language) youth, ages 17 to 25, who wish to transition into an adult learning post-secondary environment. The curriculum and projects are high interest and fast-paced.