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  • graduate of a Practical Nurse program in Canada, or graduate of an RN/Bachelor of Nursing program outside of Canada

Note: Academic admission requirements are different from English language proficiency (ELP) requirements. NorQuest College English for Academic Purposes courses may be used to meet both requirements. See below for details.

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The PN Refresher program is currently under review, and we are not accepting new applications at this time

If you are a former Canadian-educated practical nurse or internationally educated nurse, acquire your license to work as a licensed practical nurse through a combination of transfer credit, prior learning and recognition portfolio, challenge exams, and part-time online learning.

The Practical Nurse Refresher program is intended for applicants whose previous licensure in Canada has lapsed, or for internationally educated nurses looking to obtain licensure as a practical nurse in Canada. Upon successful completion of the Practical Nurse Refresher program, you will receive a practical nurse diploma.

This program is not intended for active practicing licensed practical nurses or for graduates who have been unsuccessful in passing the Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Examination three times.

Student Success

  • Read the Practical Nurse Refresher Candidate Guide and complete the self-audit.
  • Meet with the Practical Nurse Refresher advisor to identify the Practical Nurse Refresher program courses for which you may be eligible to obtain transfer credit, request PLAR by submitting a portfolio, or take a challenge course. Remaining courses will be taken for full credit.
  • If you receive a mark of less than 60% on any of the challenge courses, the failing mark will appear on your college transcript, and you will be required to take the full course.
  • All clinical components are mandatory. You cannot receive credit for these components through transfer credit, PLAR portfolio, or challenge courses.
  • You must have access to a computer with an Internet connection.
  • You will engage in online education, self-paced study, where your course work is completed within a set time period.

Practicum/Work Experience

This program includes three practicums totalling 465 hours.

You will participate in clinical practice in Edmonton or in your community, depending on the availability of appropriate health-care facilities. Clinical practice is a combination of a four-week instructor-led continuing care clinical practice and a seven-week preceptored full-time clinical practice.