Reading and Writing 8000 - ESLW 8000

Credit(s): 7 | Hours: Lecture - 148, Lab - 32, Work Experience - , Other - 0

CLB 8. Identify main idea, supporting details, and inferred meanings in increasingly complex texts, including general opinion, assessments of situations, response to a complaint, and expressions of sympathy. Read and interpret graphic information such as flow charts and process charts. Read a greater variety of authentic and adapted texts including newspapers and magazines. Integrate three to four pieces of information contained in formatted text. Write emails with attachments. Make notes from pre-recorded and live presentations, make an outline of a reading, and write a summary of a reading. Fill out unadapted forms. Write short business letters. Draft an academic essay of three body paragraphs consisting of a topic sentence, 7 to 12 supporting sentences, and a transitional/concluding sentence. Rewrite to focus content, clarify structure, and improve mechanics. Word-process, edit, format, and print text. Students successfully completing this course meet the English language proficiency requirement in reading and writing at Olds College and Lakeland College.

Restricted to ESL

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