Speech-Language Pathology Assistant Practicum - PPRT 2006

Credit(s): 4 | Hours: Lecture - 0, Lab - 0, Work Experience - 160, Other - 0

This practicum introduces learners to the role of the speech-language pathology assistant and how to provide assistance with speech-language pathology services. Learners will have the opportunity to demonstrate an understanding of the assistant’s role in delivering optimal speech, language, communication, and dysphagia management services to clients and stakeholders and provide direct or indirect client services under the direction of a speech-language pathologist. Professionalism and team communication skills are emphasized. Contact alliedhealthpracticum@norquest.ca for permission to enroll.

Prerequisites: THPR 2027, THPR 2100, THPR 2101, THPR 2032, THPR 2033 Restricted to Interdisciplinary Therapy Assistant Department Consent Required to enroll.

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