Energy and Building Systems - ENRG 1003

Credit(s): 3 | Hours: Lecture - 39, Lab - 6, Work Experience - , Other - 0

In this course, students will assess energy- and water-consuming systems and how energy flows through those systems. High-level societal energy systems such as transportation and water will be discussed. Students will then identify traditional building systems used in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. For each of these systems, students will examine how it works, calculate the energy and water consumption of the system, identify advantages and disadvantages of the system, evaluate the life cycle of system-specific equipment, identify energy conservation measures (ECMs) for the system, identify how existing and emerging technology impacts the system, identify maintenance requirements, and discuss how the equipment works as part of the larger system. Systems that will be assessed include building envelopes, heating systems, HVAC, lighting, plug loads and electrical systems, water-using systems, controls and automation, and industrial systems.

Restricted to Energy Management and Open Studies

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