ELCC Practicum II - ELCC 1200

Credit(s): 7 | Hours: Lecture - 45, Lab - 0, Other - 200

This practicum provides students with an opportunity to apply their skills and knowledge of the role of educator in appropriate childcare settings under the supervision of the practicum supervisor and a designated mentor. In addition to engaging with children and participating in the routine each day, students are expected to observe, reflect, and plan with their site mentor over five weeks to act as the lead educator in the room for five days, including transitions, play-based activities, provocations, outdoor play, and meals. In the lecture portion, students will discuss working with diverse families and communities, the role of the educator in observation, documentation, the child’s voice, and how working as a team member links to practice.

Prerequisite: ELCC 1100 or (ELCC 1010 & ELCC 1015) Restricted to Early Learning and Childcare

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