Nursing Practice II: Acute Care Practice - Medicine - NPRT 2101

Credit(s): 4 | Hours: Lecture - 0, Lab - 0, Other - 145

This practice course provides the learner with clinical experience as a member of the health-care team, providing safe, holistic, and evidence-informed nursing care to clients and families in an acute care environment, following the standards of practice for a practical nurse. This course includes four weeks of instructor-supervised clinical practice on an acute care medical and/or surgical unit and in combination with Nursing Practice III, meets the program requirements of eight weeks of placement in an acute care setting.

Prerequisites: NPRT 1001, NFDN 2003, PATH 1000 & PHAR 1000 Restricted to Practical Nurse

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Spring W10 20993 May 4 - 29, 2020

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