LINC Online - 4 Credit - LINC 9000

Credit(s): 4 | Hours: Lecture - 100, Lab - 0, Work Experience - , Other - 0

This course is designed to meet the language-learning needs of newcomers unable to attend full-time classes. The course is a mix of webinars and asynchronous learning, and students are expected to study a minimum of six hours each week. The minimum weekly requirements include one 1.5-hour webinar ("A"), one 1.5-hour webinar ("B"), and three hours of asynchronous learning. To allow maximum flexibility, both webinars are offered three times a week and students can attend them at times of their choice; asynchronous learning can be completed at any time. The webinars are live/real time, interactive, highly engaging, and offer a real community of learning. Individualized instruction and immediate feedback are core components of this course. Materials are developed each term to meet learners’ needs, and assignments are tailored to support learners’ future career and language goals.

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