How to enrol in courses

The following programs will be available for online enrolment for the 2024-2025 academic year. Your MyQuest will be updated with your enrolment appointment.

  • Academic Upgrading
  • Accounting Technician
  • Administrative Professional
  • Advanced Education in Orthopaedics for LPNs
  • Advanced Foot Care
  • Arts and Sciences
  • Business Administration
  • Business Analysis Professional Certificate
  • Dental Office Assistant 
  • Food & Beverage Management Professional Certificate
  • Hospital Unit Clerk 
  • Indigenous Studies 
  • Interdisciplinary Therapy Assistant 
  • Justice
  • Machine Learning Analyst 
  • Medical Device Reprocessing Technician 
  • Medical Office Assistant 
  • Open Studies 
  • Optical Office Assistant
  • Pharmacy Technician
  • Therapeutic Recreation 
  • Supply Chain Professional Certificate
  • Veterinary Office Assistant 

The following programs will be enrolled by the Office of the Registrar staff. We will email you once you are enrolled.  

  • Addictions Recovery Practitioner 
  • Apprenticeship Prep
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder Studies 
  • Behaviour & Regulation Studies
  • Child & Youth Care 
  • Community Support Worker 
  • Day Home Provider 
  • Disability Studies 
  • Early Learning and Child Care Certificate 
  • Early Learning and Child Care Diploma 
  • Educational Assistant
  • Energy Management 
  • ESL Intensive
  • Environmental Technology 
  • Foundations for Learning 
  • Health Care Aide (including Workplace) 
  • Health Care Leadership 
  • LINC - Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada 
  • Mental Health Recovery Practitioner
  • NorQuest Bridging to Post-Secondary
  • Practical Nurse
  • Practical Nurse Diploma for Internationally Educated Nurses
  • Settlement Studies 
  • Social Work 
  • Transitions to Employment 

Before you enrol

  • Become familiar with MyQuest, NorQuest’s student information system.
    • After you apply, you will receive an email that includes your user ID, password, and instructions for signing in to MyQuest. Contact Service Desk if you have forgotten your user ID or password.
  • Check the time of your enrolment appointment in your Student Center under Enrolment Dates.
  • Choose your courses. 
    • Review the course description to identify pre-requisites and co-requisites.
    • Use your course listings, found on the 'Costs and courses' page of your program, to plan your courses each term, or
    • Access your Academic Advisement Report to assist in course planning and determining your progress towards program completion. If you need help, contact a Retention Advisor.
  • Visit our YouTube channel for helpful tips demonstrating online enrolment.
  • Need help with online enrolment? Email

Steps to enrol

  1. Check your enrolment appointment time. Your enrolment appointment is the date and time you will have access to enrol. You can enrolin courses anytime on or after this date, up to the enrolment deadline. Enrol on time for your best course selection as courses fill fast.
  2. Review your program requirements. You can search for courses and build your schedule before enrolment opens. In MyQuest, add preferred courses to your shopping cart or build a conflict-free schedule in Visual Schedule Builder. You will not be able to enrol until your enrolment appointment date and time.

  3. Request permission numbers. If you do not meet course requirements, or want to enrol in certain courses, your program area can determine if you are eligible to enrol. Contact your program area to submit a request for a permission number.

  4. Enrol for courses. Log into MyQuest. From the main menu, choose Self Service > Student Center > Academics > Enrolment to add or drop courses. Visit Service Desk for help using MyQuest. You can also enrol in courses using Visual Schedule Builder. From your Student Center, select Build my Schedule.

  5. Review your enrolment and account summary. See your Student Center to review class schedule, start and end dates, campus, and tuition and fees.

  6. Pay your tuition and fees. Tuition and fees are due on the first day of the term. You can find the amount owning for tuition and fees in MyQuest under Campus Finances > Account Inquiry.

You can make a secure payment on your account through MyQuest. See Payment for other ways to pay tuition and fees.

Questions about enrolling in MyQuest? Email

Visual Schedule Builder

Visual Schedule Builder (VSB) is an online self-service tool accessible through Student Center in MyQuest.


  • Improves the experience of planning your schedule.
  • It allows you to review conflict-free timetable options in an easy-to-read weekly format.
  • Helps you select a schedule that works for your individual learning needs.

Check out some tips and tricks that VSB has to offer.

Class waitlists

If a class is full, you may have the option to place yourself on a waitlist. Once a space becomes available, you will be enrolled and notified of your schedule change.

  • You might not be able to be enrolled in the class you have been waitlisted for if:
    • You directly added yourself to the waitlist instead of using the Swap Feature on MyQuest. Swapping courses allows you to drop your enrolled class and add yourself to the waitlisted class at the same time.
    • There is a time conflict between a course you are already enrolled in and the one you are on the waitlist for
    • You are already enrolled in the maximum number of credits allowed per term for your program
    • You have not received a permission number from the program to enroll in a course that needs one or you have not entered it

If any of these scenarios occur, you will receive an error message and be kept on the waitlist, at the same spot, until the error is resolved.

We will email all waitlist updates to your MyMail account. Be sure to view your class schedule in MyQuest.

Frequently asked questions

What are prerequisites and co-requisites?

A prerequisite is a course that must be successfully completed before attempting a specific course. The course description may also list co-requisites. A co-requisite is a course that must be taken in the same term if it has not been completed previously.

What is a permission number?

A permission number is a number provided by your program area which is specific to a class and section that allows a student to enrol for a course with departmental permission.

Email if you need help or have questions.

Where do I get a permission number?

Permission numbers are given to an individual student by the program. If you receive a permission number and choose not to enrol in the course, let the program know. Permission numbers cannot be shared.

What do I need to know to use one?

  • Permission numbers can only be used once

  • Permission numbers are specific to a course and section

  • Permission numbers expire on the add/drop date for a class

  • Permission numbers are only used for courses where you do not have the prerequisites or where departmental permission is needed

Sharing permission numbers is considered a form of academic misconduct. The Office of Student Judicial Affairs governs any incidence of academic misconduct.

How do I use a permission number?

Log into MyQuest. From the Student Center, navigate to Academics and select the enrol option. Select the term you are enrolling for and then click continue.

If you know the class number (found in the catalogue on MyQuest), enter it and click enter. If you don’t know the class number, you can search for the class you wish to enrol for. This must be the class section that is associated with the permission number.

The screen will give details about the class and a box to the right will say “Permission Nbr”. Enter the permission number in the empty box and click next.

Ensure you complete the enrolment process before the end of enrolment. Click the complete enrolment button to complete the process of adding your class.

What do the section codes represent?
Section code Campus / delivery
A Edmonton (Daytime)
BL Blended
C Wetaskiwin
CH Challenge Exam
E Edmonton (Evening)
H HyFlex
O Online
OE Online Evening
S Saturday
W Workplace