Work, Practicum, and Clinical Requirements

Many programs require documentation for non-academic requirements as a condition of admission or in order to participate in practicum experiences. If these appear on your "To Do" list in MyQuest, you must complete these requirements.



Programs with a work, practicum, or clinical placement may require up-to-date immunization records. The process of obtaining your immunization record can take a significant amount of time. We strongly encourage you to take these steps immediately if you intend to join the program to avoid delays.

Steps to Complete Your Immunization Requirements

  1. Determine what immunizations you need

  2. Obtain records for any immunizations you have received in the past
    • Ask your parents. If you received immunizations as a baby, your parents would have been given an immunization book.
    • If you received immunizations at NorQuest College, call 780.644.6155 to request a copy of your records.
    • If you received immunizations in school from grades 1 to 9 in Edmonton, Sherwood Park, or St. Albert, call Alberta Health Services at 780.413.7985.
    • Check with the local public health unit closest to the school that you attended from grades 1 to 9 if you remember getting immunizations at school.
    • If you have worked as a nurse or volunteered at a hospital or nursing home, the occupational health office where you worked would keep copies of the immunizations you received there.
    • Immunize Canada has contact information for health authorities in every Canadian province and territory. Visit for more information.
    • Check with your doctor’s office if you received immunizations there.
  3. Complete your immunizations

    If you live in Edmonton or one of the surrounding communities listed on the AHS Edmonton Zone map:

    • Make an appointment with the AHS Immunization Business Unit. Follow the directions under Getting Started.
    • Your appointment will scheduled at this location:

      Alberta Health Services Immunization Business Unit
      Seventh Street Plaza, North Tower, Suite 440
      10030 107 Street NW, Edmonton AB

    • Take a copy of your past immunization record, the immunization form, and your NorQuest College acceptance letter with you to your appointment.
    • You will have to pay for this service. During this visit, the nurse can advise you of the number of additional visits and costs to complete all the immunizations you need.

    If you live outside Edmonton:

    • You can receive the vaccines required and have the immunization form completed at your local health unit.
    • Take a copy of your past immunization record, the immunization requirements (125K pdf), and your NorQuest College acceptance letter with you to your appointment.
    • You may have to pay for this service.
  4. Submit your completed immunization record

    Once your immunizations are completed and they have been signed off by a nurse from the Immunization Business Unit in Edmonton or your local public health clinic, submit your immunization record to NorQuest College:

    Centre for Growth and Harmony
    Room 1-101, Singhmar Centre for Learning
    10215 108 Street NW, Edmonton, AB  T5J 1L6

  5. Have your immunization form assessed by a nurse at NorQuest

    A nurse at NorQuest will review the immunization form to make sure all immunizations have been completed. If you are waiting for chest X-ray results or bloodwork results in the mail, it is your responsibility to submit these records to the Centre for Growth and Harmony as soon as you receive them.

Returning Students and Immunization Records

If you have previously attended NorQuest and submitted immunization records, contact the Centre for Growth and Harmony to confirm that your immunizations are still valid. AHS requires a tuberculosis test to be completed within one year of your program start date, and chest X-rays are valid only if they are completed within six months of your program start date.

If you have any questions about your immunization requirements, contact the Centre for Growth and Harmony at 780.644.6155.

Police Information Check (PIC)

Certain programs require a clear Police Information Check before you participate in a clinical or work placement.

If your program requires a clear PIC, you must obtain it before you can be enrolled in your practicum/work experience. Your PIC must include a vulnerable sector check if you are older than 18 years of age. It should specify the purpose of the PIC as “a student practicum with a healthcare organization”. Any fees required to get a Police Information Check are your responsibility.

  • Your PIC must be:
    • dated within 90 days of the start date of your clinical or practicum placement. Edmonton Police Service and/or the RCMP can take anywhere from four to 12 weeks to complete your record check. Ensure that you request your PIC with enough time to submit it by your due date.
    • submitted to NorQuest within 90 days of when it is issued. Since PICs expire, more than one may be necessary during the length of your program
  • Edmonton residents can apply for a PIC in person through Edmonton Police Services, Police Information Check Section located at the Nexus Business Park, 108-14315 118 Avenue, Edmonton.
  • Applicants living outside of Edmonton can apply for a PIC through their local branch of the RCMP.
  • Online Police Information Checks are not accepted by the college. Contact your local law enforcement agency to obtain an official Police Information Check.
  • You must submit your original Police Information Check. The college will then make a copy to keep on file, and return the original document to you. If you require a copy for your own records, ensure you make the copy prior to submitting your PIC to NorQuest College. You can submit your PIC in person to a client service representative at the college, or you can mail the original. We do not accept photocopies, faxes, scans, or emails of the PIC.
    Submit your PIC in person:
    Client Service
    Sixth floor, Civic Employees Legacy Tower
    NorQuest College
    10215 108 Street NW

    Mail the original PIC to:
    NorQuest College
    10215 108 Street NW
    Edmonton, AB  T5J 1L6
    ATTENTION: Faculty of Health and Community Studies - Checklist Documentation

    Provide a self-addressed, stamped envelope to have the original document returned to you. You will be notified that it is received and, if clear, completed on your To Do list. The document will be shredded after 30 days if no return-stamped envelope is included or the PIC is unclaimed with a valid piece of ID.
  • The existence of a criminal record may prevent clinical placement, program completion, and professional licensure and therefore may affect employment prospects. Prospective students who have a criminal record should discuss the matter with the program chair prior to applying for admission. All students will be required throughout their enrolment in the program to self-report any change in criminal convictions or criminal charges to their program chair or associate chair immediately. A change to your Police Information Check may affect your ability to attend a practicum.

Intervention Record Check

If your program requires an Alberta Children and Youth Services Intervention Record Check, it must be submitted to the Faculty of Health and Community Studies.

  • The Intervention Record Check must meet the criteria specified by the practicum sponsors. Your practicum faculty advisor will discuss your placement and what is required.
  • The Intervention Record Check cannot be dated any earlier than six months before your practicum, so do not obtain this document until advised to do so.
  • You can apply for this document through Edmonton and Area Child and Family Services Authority located at 1100-10055 106 Street NW, Edmonton (inside the HSBC building).

Workplace Hazardous Materials Information Sheets (WHMIS)

Some programs require you to have completed the WHMIS course. To register for the WHMIS course:

  1. Go to XBUS 1017 to register.
  2. Complete the online course. All WHMIS courses start on the first day of every month and end on the seventh day. You have seven days to complete the online course.
  3. Cards will be emailed directly to the students once the course is complete.

Standard First Aid/CPR

Some programs require you to have basic first aid/CPR certification. See XBUS 1015 for more information and to register.

Human Blood-borne Pathogen Exposure

Some programs require you to have Human Blood-borne Pathogen Exposure (HBPE) training. To register for the HBPE course:

  1. Go to XHLT 1023 to register.
  2. After you've completed the course, your certificate will be emailed to your MyMail account, once you have passed the final exam, and your marks have been entered and posted.