Intercultural resources for educators

The Colbourne Institute for Inclusive Leadership creates resources to support intercultural competence and to facilitate immigrant integration. As a learning organization, the Institute integrates our developing knowledge into the training and educational products we create.

Common Ground: Guide to English in the Workplace (Phase 2)

The Common Ground: English in the Workplace resource is designed to support English in the Workplace programming. The How-to Guide, Training Manual, and Facilitator Guide are designed to be "stand alone" resources that can be used by certified and non-certified English language instructors to deliver English in the Workplace programming.

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Critical Incidents for Intercultural Communication in Health Care

The Critical Incidents for Intercultural Communication in Health Care project developed a resource that will increase the intercultural communication competence of health professionals in culturally diverse healthcare contexts and teams. The resource will also support internationally graduated health-care professionals recruited to work and live in Alberta.

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Critical Incidents for Intercultural Communication Toolkit

Critical Incidents are tools for increasing our awareness and understanding of human attitudes, expectations, behaviours, and interactions. These tools engage participants on a meaningful, personal level and help them examine attitudes and behaviours that might be critical to their effectiveness in the roles they perform.

The Critical Incidents for Intercultural Communication toolkit has been developed from stories and quotes collected in open-ended interviews with students and instructors at NorQuest College and in the broader community. Designed for, but not limited to an educational context, this collection (and the accompanying facilitator and activity guide) seeks to help participants reflect on the complexity of cross-cultural exchanges, while at the same time facilitating their ability to distinguish and develop higher degrees of intercultural sensitivity.

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Cultural Awareness in the Canadian Workplace

These modules will help facilitate the engagement, integration and success of internationally trained individuals in Canadian workplaces by exploring key concepts around diversity and inclusive behaviors, and developing confidence and proficiency with intercultural communication. The modules will also augment the intercultural competencies of Canadian workers who interact daily with internationally trained individuals, laying the foundation for a productive working relationship. Modules were created in conjunction and partnership with Enbridge and the Government of Alberta.

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Gaining Access: New Employee Orientation for Newcomers to the Workplace

The English in the Workplace: New Employee Orientation for Newcomers in the Workplace project was a response to a need identified in the Alberta trades sector to increase the percentage of newcomers passing basic site safety training as a requirement to gain access to employment.

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Immersion to Integration (Phase 2)

The Immersion to Integration: Beyond Access project (Phase 2) focused on the issue of organizational integration for internationally educated professionals (IEPs) in two organizations actively employing engineers with education and experience outside of Canada.

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Intercultural Development Inventory

The Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) is a powerful assessment tool to help individuals and teams assess and reflect on stages of cultural sensitivity.

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Online Workplace Integration Language Resources

Several intercultural resources, facilitator guide and workshops were developed as deliverables during the Online Workplace Integration Languages Resources (OWLs) project funded by Alberta Employment and Immigration. The project's purpose was to develop online resources to support the teaching and learning of workplace integration language skills for newcomers to Canada.

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Roots and Connections Phase 2: Rural ESL Enhancement

The Roots and Connections resource is a culturally integrated English as a Second Language (ESL) resource that provides the foundation for English language learning using a community orientation and cultural integration approach.

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Something's Up Cycle

The Something's Up Cycle is a reflective skill building practice used by individuals and facilitators to promote intercultural competence development.

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Teaching Pragmatics to English as Another Language Learners for the Workplace: The Job Interview

This research project developed a pedagogical tool to facilitate effective intercultural communication in the workplace.

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