Moral Distress Among Post-secondary Educators

Funder: Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Insight Development Program

This project considers post-secondary faculty members’ experiences of moral distress. Moral distress can occur when someone thinks they know the right thing to do but are unable to act upon that belief. If left unresolved, it can have significant negative impacts on personal well-being, professional practice, and organizational safety. This study, the first to examine moral distress in higher education, seeks to identify what it is like to experience moral distress as a teaching faculty member, the causes of moral distress in education, and how it may be overcome.

Other project information

Project lead
  • Dr. Erika Goble
    Manager of Research, Research
    NorQuest College

Project team
  • Terri Kezema
    Senior Manager,
    Workforce Development & Human Resources,
    NorQuest College

  • Les Sayer
    Instructor, Academic Upgrading
    NorQuest College

  • Alexandru Caldararu
    Instructor, Community Studies
    & the NorQuest College Faculty Association
    NorQuest College

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada