LINC Works Logic Model LINC Works Outcomes-based Measurement & Evaluation Framework

Additional notes

In addition to these outcomes and measures, numerous other aspects will be evaluated. These includes student satisfaction, language level and other factors. This is not part of the project evaluation framework but will be collected as part of standard operations.

Special note on CLB

Language is not listed on the outcomes tracking; however language will be measured and evaluated in the classroom classes; and it is anticipated that since language gains will be more targeted towards employment language and not the full breadth of the CLB, the rate of CLB progression will not exceed standard LINC CLB progression rates.

This project has secured ethic approval for conducting the research.


Teaching Essential Skills in Language Classes Survey - Results Report

Project leads

Lisa Rochman

Associate Dean,
Faculty of Skills and Foundational Learning,
NorQuest College

Kim Chaba

Faculty of Skills and Foundational Learning,
NorQuest College

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