Freedom of Information Act

The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP) at NorQuest College.


Visit Alberta Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner for direct contact information.


The FOIP Act has two purposes. These are to:

  • provide a right to access records, subject to limited and specific exceptions, and
  • protect personal information by controlling how the college ask for, uses, and releases what it collects.

Key principles

There are also five key principles associated with the FOIP Act.

  1. Anyone can access records that the college owns or manages, with some limitations.
  2. Anyone can access college records about themselves, with some limitations.
  3. Anyone can ask to correct college records about themselves.
  4. The college must protect the personal information that it asks for, uses, and gives out.
  5. Anyone can ask the Alberta Information and Privacy Commissioner to review a college decision made under the FOIP Act.


Under the FOIP Act, the President and CEO of NorQuest College is the designated head for purpose of FOIP.

The head asks college experts to make decisions and take action under the FOIP Act through the NorQuest College Delegation Matrix.

Request access to information

Individuals can request access to personal information in college records.

Refer to the Access to Information Procedure for details.

Under the FOIP Act, some college information cannot be released. Submit a Request to Access Information form to ask for limited access to this information.

Submit questions about access to records with personal information to the Compliance Office.

Request to correct personal information

Anyone who thinks there is an error in a record about them that the college owns or manages should:

Sign the completed form with the following information:

  • a full description of the personal information to be fixed
  • the reason why the correction must be done
  • evidence that supports the correction

The college will consider the request and provide a written response.

Submit questions about the process or the form to the Compliance Office.


All employees take a FOIP Fundamentals course created by the college. The course covers:

  • best privacy practices and an outline of the FOIP Act
  • asking for, using, and giving out personal information
  • keeping, fixing, and caring for personal information over time
  • protecting and releasing personal records

Successful completion of the course is part of the hiring process at the college.


The FOIP Act and regulations

College policies and procedures

The college uses procedures to help guide employees and partners on best access to information and privacy practices.

Personal information bank directory

A personal information bank (PIB) is a directory of personal information that is required for college services. This directory can include any name, identifying number, symbol, or remark about an individual.

A PIB only details what type of personal information the college asks for, uses, and gives out. It includes:

  • the legal authority for the collection of the personal information
  • a description of the purposes for which the personal information asked for
  • a description of the individual category type whose personal information is included in the bank
  • a description of the kind of the personal information contained in the collection
  • the title and location of the PIB

Access the NorQuest College Personal information bank directory.

Guidelines and FAQs

Compliance Office

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