NorQuest College Brand

NorQuest College not only has a unique group of students, we provide them with an invaluable service: we develop their potential.

Our promise: Maximizing opportunities that others don’t see

Our essence: Challenge Positive

Our attributes:

  • Inclusive
  • Student-centred
  • Relevant and Necessary
  • Exciting
  • Catalyzing
  • Confident
  • Progressive
  • Professional

Master Brand

Our corporate signature, or logo, is the basis of our new visual identity.
It consists of two elements: the symbol and the wordmark.
Every element in the symbol has been custom-drawn and must not be altered.

The Symbol

The symbol is made of simple shapes, forming a contemporary version of a traditional crest. In both form and content it reflects the inherent qualities of the college:

  • student-centred (circle/person),
  • inclusiveness and optimism (colours),
  • guidance/support (star) and potential for growth and learning (leaves/book).

The Wordmark

There is an established size relationship between the wordmark and the symbol and they should always be used in the same configuration. The cantilevered or staggered typographic configuration cradles the symbol and creates a unique signature.