Office of Equity: Another milestone at NorQuest

March 13, 2024

Office of Equity: Another milestone at NorQuest

NorQuest is on a journey of making the college a place of belonging for everyone. To transform the role of this institution, NorQuest commits to equity first: in its teaching, learning, operations, and community outreach. People—learners, instructors, staff, partners, and communities—increasingly choose NorQuest because they recognize that it is committed to building a different kind of college.

On March 5, 2024, NorQuest celebrated another milestone in its commitment to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion with the opening of its Office of Equity space, located in the heart of the college’s downtown campus. The Office of Equity supports NorQuest’s strategic commitment of becoming a truly inclusive, anti-racist, and decolonized organization. Focusing on EDI, Anti-Racism, Decolonization and Indigenization, the Office of Equity strives to promote sustainable systemic change that reduces barriers in higher education and creates greater access for all.

“The reality in post-secondary education is that class and racial disparities in access are increasingly evident, and many communities have greater challenges and barriers in pursuing higher education,” said Nadira Barre, Director of Equity at NorQuest College. “Through collaboration, interconnectedness with community, knowledge sharing and Indigenous ways of knowing, the Office of Equity is dedicated to nurturing a true sense of belonging, safety, and trust for every learner and NorQuester.”

The opening of the Office of Equity space marks another step in this award-winning initiative at NorQuest, following in the footsteps of the successful launch of the college’s Safe Disclosure Office in summer 2023.

Part of NorQuest’s DNA

The Office of Equity creates policies, procedures, and processes that address systemic barriers and improve equitable practices at the college. Notably, these efforts prioritize collaboration and include students and other members of the college community in developing anti-racist and decolonized processes.

“In our NorQuest 2030 strategic plan, one of our core priorities is taking good care of our community and really embracing what it means to be Edmonton’s Community College,” said Carolyn Campbell, President and CEO of NorQuest College. “The new Office of Equity will allow NorQuest to fulfill its mandate and prioritize the notion that ‘we are who we include’ through work the Office of Equity team is doing around anti-racism, indigenization, and equity, diversity, and inclusion within our college community.”

Members of the NorQuest community are invited to visit the Office of Equity in CELT-2-203 to access its resources and contribute to NorQuest’s journey towards a more equitable future.