NorQuest Esports Valorant Varsity Team Announced

March 8, 2023

NorQuest Esports Valorant Varsity Team Announced
NorQuest Esports, the first institutionally backed Esport college program in Edmonton, announces the official collegiate team lineup for the popular Esports title, Valorant. The team will compete in leagues operated by Riot Scholastic Association of America and Memory Express’s MEsports United Collegiate Invitational, which are specially created for varsity programs like NorQuest Esports.

The NorQuest Esports Valorant team official roster includes:
  • Ariana Lockwood
  • Hamzah Najmeddine
  • Reegan Avery
  • Meet Bhavsar
  • Ian Valenzuela

Selected quotes from the team:

 “The experience of playing varsity level Valorant has been one to check off my bucket list” says Ariana Lockwood, Medical Device Reprocessing Technician Student. “Esports is important to me and my learning experience as I’ve been playing Valorant for a while now and this gives me an opportunity to learn from others, become a better player, and compete in an inclusive community”
“One of the main reasons I took up Esports at NorQuest College is the ability to compete in a high-level team environment” says Hamzah Najmeddine, Academic Upgrading Student. “NorQuest Esports Valorant, specifically, gives me the ability to compete and challenge myself again in a team environment.”
“NorQuest Esports have given me the opportunity to further connect with my fellow students” says Reagan Avery, Practical Nursing Student. “NorQuest College is taking the lead in pushing forward the benefits of an inclusive gaming community in the post-secondary space.”
“It's a passion and a dream come true for a long time” says Meet Bhavsar, Business Administration. “NorQuest Esports has given us the opportunity to pursue our passion and add to our incredible learning experience through our time at NorQuest College”
“Esports is important to my learner experience because it gives me an opportunity to explore, have a creative break from studying, and build relationships with my fellow NorQuesters that enjoy the same passion for the spectator sport” says Ian Valenzuela, Practical Nursing. “Having a NorQuest Esports Varsity program gives me and my fellow NorQuesters the opportunity to compete and learn in an inclusive and safe environment.”
The NorQuest Esports Valorant team is coached by Kevin Thang. The team will be aiming for place finish in the upcoming MEsports United Collegiate Invitational this July 13, 2023.

The official Esport initiative at NorQuest College was established in 2020 with full support from the institution. Through the early years, NorQuest Esports has fostered community building within the college and with its students, faculty, staff, and alumni. Opportunities to participate include virtual game nights and online tournaments with significant cash prizing for Canadian Esports varisty scene. Today, NorQuest Esports has varsity teams in the following Esports titles: Valorant (Riot Games), FIFA (EA), Smash Brother (Nintendo), Tekken (Namco Capcom), Streetfighter (Capcom), and Apex Legends (Respawn).