Making a difference and celebrating students who shine!

May 10, 2024

Making a difference and celebrating students who shine!

The Shine Awards at NorQuest College are an annual celebration that recognizes exceptional students, awarded through generous donations from staff and faculty. On May 7, recipients and their families joined staff for the bright 2024 edition, honoring deserving students from nominations collected from their instructors. Recipients from the college’s four faculties were celebrated through 55 awards, including the Tribute Awards and Students Association (SANQC) awards.

The Shine Awards recognize students that shine in the classroom. Some of the recipients inspired the nominating faculty because of their leadership skills and community involvement, some were recognized because they go above and beyond to help others in the classroom and within the community, making sure everyone feels included and bringing a positive attitude to the learning environment.

In her opening address, President Carolyn Campbell emphasized that part of transforming lives is activating generosity and building community relationships by contributing to amplify the impact of education. “The Shine Awards show that staff care immensely about the career journey and success of students whose diverse stories show resilience and ambition,” she said.

The awards celebrate some of the students who embody the college’s values and make meaningful contributions to campus life.

Child and Youth Care graduate Kemi Bankole expressed gratitude to her instructors, who she said recognized her affinity for working with neurodivergent children, and helped her with all the resources she needed, even when she felt unsure of herself as an older student. “It’s been both a healing and learning journey for me. The instructors go beyond and really see you. Through personal grief, I was supported and encouraged by my Grief and Loss course instructor, and I thank Mr. Headley for that.” She is receiving her qualification at the NorQuest Convocation at the end of May.

Razia Hakimi who started in 2023 in the English as a Second Language (ESL) program, was surprised to get an award. “I’m so surprised, but excited for what it means for my future.” She couldn’t share the joy with her family but says the award motivated her and she wants to enroll in the Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) program.

Tracy Lepetre scooped two awards, including the first ever Alumni Shine Award. She completed the Community Support Worker program, boosting the Health Care Aide certificate she already holds, and shared how these will help her give back to Indigenous communities.

“I felt so welcomed at the Miyo-pimâtisiwin Centre, especially with support from student ambassadors. No question was ever dumb, which made me feel safe enough to finish my studies,” she said.

Making use of assistive tools, helping classmates with comprehension, sharing indigenous knowledge and ways of learning, volunteering in college activities and events, Shine Campaign Chair Award winner Geneva Auger beamed with pride as she received her awards.

Currently a research assistant and student in the Practical Nurse hyflex program, Rudo Mapanga expressed gratitude for the Faculty of Health award she received. “I’ve truly enjoyed my practicum experiences because I feel NorQuest prepared me for real life experiences. I love teaching and am interested in becoming a community support worker, sharing my knowledge with others.”

The Shine Awards serve as a testament to NorQuest College's commitment to nurturing a supportive and inclusive place of belonging where individuals can thrive and succeed.

Kimberley Brown, the Development Officer who leads Shine initiatives, noted how the college is dedicated to empowering individuals and fostering positive change in the community. “There’s more to working at NorQuest College. Employees raised funds through monthly contributions, buying Shine cookbooks and other giving initiatives like group activity challenges. Our hope is to be able to increase our fundraising efforts so we can give out more Shine awards in future and have a greater impact,” she shared.

The Shine committee thanks all donors who made this possible, supporting NorQuest students to succeed through these generous financial awards. Read about the ways you can also give to NorQuest.