Fashion and talent on display at NorQuest

February 14, 2023

Fashion and talent on display at NorQuest
NorQuest College welcomes the world, and on February 9 a world of dazzling fashion and impressive talent took to the stage.

NorQuest’s inaugural International Talent and Fashion Show, in partnership with MacEwan University, was an opportunity for students from both post-secondaries to celebrate their diverse cultures. Over 700 people attended the event, with more than 50 students and employees from NorQuest and MacEwan walking the stage to show off cultures and talents from around the world.

Hosts Nyko Martin Martin and Tobi D-Costa welcomed the boisterous crowd who were all eager to see themselves represented. Students and employees wearing traditional cultural attire from India, Kurdistan, China, Eritrea, Philippines, and many other countries brought cheers of appreciation. Indigenous students were also keen to share their traditional and ceremonial attire. It was a proud moment for the models as they represented the rich heritage of their countries of origin.

However, the biggest thrills followed with the talent show. Students and employees sang songs and danced to the beats from their childhood and native lands. Bhangra dancing, traditional songs, hand drums, bagpipes, and more saw everyone dancing and uniting through the power of music.

“I have never seen this big of a crowd full of positive energy,” said Gurleen Kaur Bhandohal, Interdisciplinary Therapy Assistant Student and Student Assistant, NorQuest International Office. “It was a thrill to see every participant walking down the ramp and embracing the beauty of each culture. I am very proud of NorQuest to organize such a successful event that will forever live in my memories!”

The NorQuest International Team put in many hours of work to plan and execute the talent and fashion show, and the result was a day that energized the NorQuest campus.

NorQuest would like to say thanks to our friends at MacEwan University and to Jonathan Robb (VP, Learner Experience, NorQuest College), Natalia Oliferchuk (Manager, International Student Services, MacEwan University) and Greg Sowak (International Project Officer, NorQuest College) for their words of support. And of course, a heartfelt thank you to all of the students, employees, and organizers whose efforts helped make the day a success.