Global education comes to Edmonton

October 16, 2023

EDMONTON – More than 400 attendees representing 34 countries from around the world have come to Edmonton to share ideas on how to make education more accessible. 

This year’s Open Education Global Conference, hosted by NorQuest College and Open Education Global, takes place at the Edmonton Convention Centre from October 16 to 18 to advance the educational philosophy that high quality education ought to be open and accessible to all.  

“Open Education means that more individuals, everywhere, have access to the transformative power of high-quality education content,” says Patti Hergott, Conference Chair and Dean of Research & Academic Innovation at NorQuest College. “NorQuest College has embraced Open Education because it is key to enhancing equity, accessibility, and inclusion. We are so excited to welcome attendees from around the world to Edmonton to connect and embrace education as an essential, shared, and collaborative social good.” 

Bringing sustainability to Open Education 

The conference, themed “Building a Sustainable World through Open Education,” is the preeminent annual gathering of educators, practitioners, students, advocates, and policymakers devoted to building and sustaining Open Education through developing, using, and applying open resources and practices. This year, the conference celebrates the richness and wisdom of Indigenous knowledge while embracing the principles of open education and advocating for sustainability in every facet of life. This braiding of themes strengthens our way of being and knowing. Conference attendees will have the opportunity to participate in an array of learning activities, ranging from conventional presentations to immersive learning labs and captivating dance performances. The conference program features nearly 200 sessions. 

“We are excited about our partnership with NorQuest College to co-organize the OEGlobal23 conference,” say Igor Lesko and Marcela Morales, Open Education Global Co-Executive Directors. “NorQuest’s transformative approach to education is a key driver behind our partnership. We are inspired by the work of Open Education practitioners worldwide who will share their initiatives and ideas to transform education and address pressing societal challenges through Open Education. We look forward to discussions and learning opportunities about intersections between Open Education and Indigenous knowledge systems, strategies to mainstream Open Education Practices worldwide, and the role of open education in attaining Sustainable Development Goals. With attendees from over 30 countries, the conference will be a truly international gathering” 

This year’s conference is the largest of its kind and represents the first time it has been hosted by a community college. In 2021, NorQuest became the first Canadian college to join the Community College Consortium of Open Educational Resources, which promotes open educational resources in the community college context and published the first open settlement textbook in Canada. 


About NorQuest College 

NorQuest College is Edmonton’s comprehensive community college serving students throughout the province with full-time, part-time, online, and face-to-face learning options. NorQuest helps learners with diverse educational backgrounds complete or further their studies through foundational programs. Our post-secondary diploma and certificate programs and continuing education options offer rewarding career paths in health, community studies, business, environment, technology, hospitality, and diversity and inclusion training. Our suite of customized and corporate training options ensures organizations and their workforces are prepared for the demands of the future. By collaborating with business, industry, government, and communities, we ensure our learners receive workforce relevant, inclusive, and transformative educational experiences. 

About OE Global 

Open Education Global (OEGlobal) believes education should be open and available for all. It should not be a commodity held for a price or kept by a group with exclusive access. Open Education Global is a worldwide member-based organization that seeks to transform education systems everywhere by stewarding a movement toward openness in all aspects of education. As a nonprofit, OEGlobal provides space through events, networks, and platforms to build a global open community of support and practice. Together with our passionate members from 250+ institutions, 180+ open educators, and an extensive international community, we foster opportunities to co-create and share resources to encourage and mainstream openness in education worldwide. OEGlobal annually coordinates and hosts Open Education Week, the Open Education Global conference, the Open Education Awards for Excellence and the OEG Connect forum. Collectively these efforts successfully encourage and make visible high quality, inclusive education to all learners around the world. 

About the OE Global Conference 2023 

Open Education Global annual conference has been the leading annual venue for Open Education practitioners, policy builders, advocates, researchers, students, and decision-makers to share practices, network, and initiate collaborations. Each year an OEGlobal member institution co-hosts the conference to celebrate inspiring local open innovations and initiatives with global educators and supporters. 

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