NorQuest International’s Jumpstart Program: Learner Centre (library and tutors)

January 17, 2024

12:45 - 2:00 pm

Edmonton - SCFL, Atrium

NorQuest International’s Jumpstart Program: Learner Centre (library and tutors)

Join our Jumpstart Program sessions to get guidance from many departments across the college, including NorQuest International, The Office of Student Judicial Affairs, The Learner Centre, Career Centre, Students’ Association, as well as NorQuest teachers and experts. All international students are welcome!

There are six sessions available to attend:

  • Expectations vs. Reality: learn how to prepare yourself in a Canadian classroom
  • Academic skills and writing: learn about academic writing and how to approach assignments.
  • Learner Centre (library and tutors): learn how to get help with your assignments and other academic supports.
  • Career Readiness: learn how to prepare yourself to be successful in the new job market.
  • Immigration, OSJA, SANQC: learn how immigration is connected to your academic success.
  • Living and Learning in Canada + Getting Involved at NorQuest and Beyond: learn how to successfully adapt to a new culture and find ways to get involved in the community.

Students who attend four Jumpstart sessions will receive a certificate of completion. A certificate of completion will make you eligible to apply for the International Student Integrity Award worth $1000 (there are 15 awards available). For more information, check out NorQuest’s scholarships, bursaries, and awards.

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