Invest In Inclusion

Join us and #InvestInInclusion

Invest In Inclusion

We live in a multicultural, multifaceted world where we all have unique backgrounds, experiences, stories, and talents.

This extends to our communities, our schools, and our workplaces. Diversity represents all the ways in which we differ, from the visible to the not so visible. It includes culture, language, ethnicity, gender, orientation, age, religion, socio-economic circumstance, ability, and more. But, it’s not enough to just be diverse. We must do more than just recognize and tolerate differences. We must INVEST in inclusion.

Inclusion equals diversity plus engagement

We only thrive when we can all participate, when we can all have a seat at the table, when we all have opportunity. Inclusion represents how we bring everyone together and we appreciate their differences. We ensure everyone knows they matter, belong, and add value.

We are at a critical time where loud, negative, and polarizing forces focus on things that divide us, rather than those that make us stronger together; where the overwhelming proof of the benefits of inclusion can be dismissed as “fake news” when it threatens the status quo of historical privilege.

At the same time, we see countless examples of how inclusion only strengthens our communities and our organizations, making us more resilient, innovative, tolerant, successful, and educated. Our objective with Invest in Inclusion is to bring these to light.

We are choosing to advocate for inclusion. We will amplify the facts, the voices, and the experiences that demonstrate the power and benefits of inclusion. We are choosing to learn from the past, recognize and challenge our own unconscious biases and privileges, and harness that knowledge to make a better future in which we are all included.

And we invite you to step forward and join us. How?

  1. Invest your time, resources, effort, and money to support inclusion, and share your stories with us.
  2. Share your work – tell us what you’re doing to create a more inclusive culture, at home, at work, at school, and in your communities.
  3. Raise the volume on voices of inclusion and their actions – promote the thought leaders, researchers, educators, leaders, and individuals who are doing the work to increase inclusion.
  4. Show the proof – tag the objective research that shows the results and proves that investment in inclusion is a positive payback.
  5. Advocate for those who may be historically excluded or discriminated against, such as women, immigrants, Indigenous peoples, LGBTQ+, people with disabilities, and others.

Use our #InvestInInclusion hashtag on social media to highlight the work you and others are doing that demonstrates why we should all invest in inclusion. Support and amplify the positive voices to raise their volume above the alternative. Above all, be kind, civil, and positive in pushing for change and engage in constructive dialog.

Join the conversation, express your opinion, and make a positive difference. One voice can make an impact but many voices can effect real change.

We’re all in this together. And together, we can all take a step forward to a better future.

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