Non-academic staff member

Adam Chrobak

Adam Chrobak

Term: September 13, 2022 to September 12, 2024

Adam Chrobak has worked as an administrative professional at NorQuest College since early 2018. Prior to his current role, Adam has spent multiple years working in various roles and capacities at the University of Alberta including as a Senior Coordinator of Programs and Administration and as the Hungarian Visiting Research Coordinator at the Faculty of Arts.

Adam is an international relations expert by training and worked with non-governmental organizations and community organizations facilitating European Committee initiatives related to entrepreneurship and international development. Much of this work has focused on supporting young international entrepreneurs through various funding programs and developing frameworks for strengthening ties with the community.

Adam is an avid reader and enjoys learning foreign languages, along with deepening his knowledge about other cultures – especially postcolonial societies and the historical intersections of empire, class, ethnicity/race and gender on their modern-day state development. He is fascinated by history, particularly military, diplomatic and conflict history. A lifelong Ferencváros fan, Adam is an active person who enjoys playing and watching sports, with European football being a near obsession. When he can, he plays his ukulele at home to annoy his family. He is married with two children.