Alertus emergency notification system

NorQuest College has implemented a personal mass notification system, Alertus, that can be used to send emergency notification messages to students and employees.

The emergency notification system will be used during a major incident, crisis, or emergency. You will receive messages to the phone numbers and email accounts that are registered with the system. The messages will provide information or direct you where to find more information.

The system will be tested a minimum of two times per year. The message will clearly state that the notification is only a test.

Installing and setting up the Alertus mobile app

Before users can receive mobile alerts, the app must be downloaded, installed, and configured on the user’s iOS or Android device.

  1. Download from the iOS App Store or from Google’s Play Store.
  2. Once the Alertus Mobile App has been installed, open and configure the application by completing the following steps:
    1. Enter norquest (no capitalization) under Organization Code and click the Submit button.
    2. Enter your NorQuest email address that has been issued to you. (This cannot be a personal email address.)
    3. Open your email account. Locate an email from with a subject line of “Confirm your account”. Click on the email verification link. Check your junk email folder if you are unable to find it.
    4. Click the Email Verified button within the Alertus mobile app.
    5. Click Done. You are now subscribed to receive mobile alerts.
  3. Click on the My Subscriptions icon to verify or change the groups that you are a member of. This will dictate the type/area of notifications you receive.

What to expect as an Alertus user

Once an alert is sent from Alertus, users will receive a notification. The user opens the notification taking them to the alert details page.

In iOS you can change the settings to make the push notification display as a modal dialog. However, Android does not support this feature and push notifications are only displayed in the notifications area.

If you miss a notification that occurs when you do not have access to your device, there is a button to view the message history on the home screen of the app.

On the message history page you can view previous alerts sent to the device. Clicking on an alert will show you the details.

Is my information secure? Any information stored in the system is secure and your personal information is private and will not be shared. You are responsible for keeping your information up to date. NorQuest College cannot update your information for you.
What are the limitations?
  • Notification is on a best-effort basis. Subscribers should not rely solely on this service for emergency notification.
  • This service is reliant on third-party applications and equipment and is subject to the terms and conditions and service level agreement of the third party.
  • NorQuest is not responsible for message delays caused by telecommunications systems failures or transmission failures that are the responsibility of third parties such as the service provider, cellular network provider, or email provider.
  • Individual subscribers are solely responsible for maintaining current, correct contact information. NorQuest cannot update contact information for individual subscribers.
  • The system will be activated per the NorQuest emergency response plan.


Your personal information will not be used for purposes other than notification regarding emergencies or urgent situations. By registering, you acknowledge receipt of NorQuest College’s FOIP statement for personal notification.

FOIP statement

The personal information collected on the Alertus sign-up form is collected under the authority of Section 65 of the Post-secondary Learning Act and Section 33(c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. This information will be used to provide notification of an urgent or emergency nature, related to safety, security or operations of the college. For information about the collection and use of this information, contact Manager, Facilities Operations, NorQuest College, 10215 108 Street NW, Edmonton, AB T5J 1L6, 780.644.6000.