Edmonton campus

NorQuest College Parking Lots



6:00 am - 6:00 pm


6:00 pm - 11:00 pm


7:00 am - 6:00 pm

Singhmar Centre for Learning (underground parkade)

HotSpot lot: 9000

$4 each hour or $15 per day maximum $4 each hour $225 + GST

Lot D

HotSpot lot: 9100

N/A $6 $185 + GST

Lot E

HotSpot lot: 9200

$2 each hour or $12 per day maximum $2 each hour N/A

Lot F

HotSpot lot: 9400

$2 each hour or $12 per day maximum $2 each hour $185 + GST

Lot G

HotSpot lot: 9300, 9500, 9600

$2 each hour or $12 per day maximum $2 each hour N/A

How to pay for parking

Parking payment will be contactless using the HotSpot app. Fast tap signs are in all NorQuest parking lots for quick mobile tap payments. Day passes are subject to HotSpot fees. When buying a day pass on the app, you can pick between $0.20 per transaction, $2.00 per month, or $20 per year.

Choose an option to pay:

  1. Download the HotSpot app
  2. Scan the QR code on signs in the parking lots.
  3. Visit the HotSpot website to pay

Frequently asked questions

All the daily parking lot spaces are full. Where can I park? The City of Edmonton provides street parking along all sidewalks of the NorQuest College campus. There are also a few daily parking lots in the area that are available as well. You cannot park in an empty monthly stall for the day.
How do I pay cash for parking? NorQuest College does not currently offer options to pay cash for parking. You will need to move your vehicle to an off-campus location that offers cash options.
I don’t want to download the HotSpot app. Are there any other options? At the entry to each parking lot there is a HotSpot sign with a QR code. When you scan that QR code it will allow you to pay for parking through a web browser without the need to download the app. This is a great option for those that are not on campus very often.
I downloaded the HotSpot app and added funds to my wallet. What do I do now?
  1. At the bottom of the app, click on Parking.
  2. Enter the meter/zone number you are parked in and select the amount of time you need to park. You can check the rate below by clicking the Parking Summary option.
  3. Click Park.
I got a parking ticket but I am sure I paid for parking. How can I check? On your main screen in your app under Total Savings, click on Learn More and then View History. This shows a history of your parking sessions. If it indicates you did indeed park, you can use this information to clear the ticket.
I have a disability and require accommodation in parking. Who can I contact to discuss my options? If you require an accessible parking stall on a daily or monthly basis, please reach out to to discuss options available to you.
I parked on campus but needed to stay longer so I added more time to my parking. However, I have now paid more than the daily rate indicated on the website. What can I do? Each time you start a parking session, the system registers it as a new parker. It cannot identify that this is the same person on the same day. We recommend that you overestimate your parking time and refund your session if you leave early to get the best rates.
I was running late and forgot to pay for parking. I now have a ticket. What are my options? Parking on campus is the responsibility of the parker. It is expected that you plan ahead when coming to campus. There are options printed at the bottom of your notice that show different ways to manage your ticket.
I will be attending NorQuest next term. Can I purchase a parking permit now to hold a spot? You cannot pre-purchase a parking permit without paying for the current months. Permits are available on the first day of each month only.
Something is wrong with my parking session. Who do I contact? HotSpot support is available 24/7 for support issues. You can call them at 1.855.712.5888 or email them at
The app won’t let me pay for parking in this lot. What can I do? If you are unable to start a parking session in the lot you have entered, you are likely parked in a monthly parking lot. The app will not accept parking time in monthly parking lots. You will need to move your vehicle to a different lot.
Why am I being asked to download and use an app if parking meters along the streets are available? These meters belong to the City of Edmonton and only work for street parking. The parking lots are owned and operated by NorQuest College where HotSpot remains our parking provider.

Bike compound

Students and employees can use our bike compound in the Singhmar Centre for Learning parkade on 103 Avenue NW for $10.50/year.

To rent a space for your bike contact to arrange membership payment. Appointments will need to be made with parking services to obtain a membership and have access granted.

Wetaskiwin campus

Free parking is available south of the building.