NorQuest’s Campus Master Plan

A quest to transform more lives: Our 30-year plan and bold vision leads to a future where all learners can continue to grow and flourish.

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What is a Campus Master Plan? 

A Campus Master Plan is a comprehensive document outlining the expansion initiatives and development strategies of a post-secondary institution. This plan explores the current infrastructure of the college and which changes will be necessary through to 2050. The Campus Master Plan will accommodate our growth projections and achieve our mission of creating an inclusive space while optimizing the learner experience and developing a culture of wellness, belonging and community. 

Where we started & where we’re headed 

From our humble beginnings in 1956 as the Alberta Vocational College, we have always had a mission to provide inclusive training and educational journeys for Alberta's most in-demand, front-line professions not only impacting our learners in their career progression, but also impacting our communities. Since then, we've grown at a rapid rate, adding new and improved programs. 

As we continue to grow and evolve, we're keeping this mission alive by ensuring our way forward supports our learners and communities through exciting expansion initiatives. Based on our current projection metrics, we are expected to outgrow our current building space by 2030 without the addition of new space. 

Our Campus Master Plan provides the short, medium, and long-range strategies we're planning to accommodate the increasing number of international student enrollments, expanding programs, and new faculties. While these changes won't happen overnight, they provide a clear set of goals and objectives to lead us towards our vision.  

Big impact 

With the ability to accommodate more staff, faculty, and learners, our way forward provides a big impact for NorQuest and our communities. As we're able to meet the workforce demands of the province and provide more learners with specialized, world-class training and education, we can contribute to a balanced, more robust economy. More under-represented students can gain the credentials and experience they need to establish thriving careers, while organizations can experience less challenges when filling essential positions.  

But that's not all. The impact of our Campus Master Plan also includes the culture within the college. The strategies and initiatives outlined in our plan provide the steps we're taking to improve our equity, inclusion, and diversity commitment, effectively impacting the mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing of all NorQuest learners, staff, and stakeholders. By creating a healthier campus community centered around belonging and inclusion, we can help all NorQuesters achieve a flourishing future. 

Download our Campus Master Plan 

Learn more about our way forward, including all of our bold plans and achievable approaches, and download our Campus Master Plan today.