Jaye Fredrickson Award for Teaching Excellence

The Jaye Fredrickson Award for Teaching Excellence is the highest teaching award offered at NorQuest College. The peer-nominated award upholds our mission and values by honouring teaching excellence.

Award recipients must demonstrate a record of professional competence in teaching exemplified by:

  • engaging learners through exemplary facilitation
  • supporting learners through advocacy
  • using innovative pedagogical approaches
  • developing learning-centred curriculum materials
  • employing fair evaluation
  • demonstrating scholarship

Named for NorQuest College’s former Vice President, Academic, the Jaye Fredrickson Award for Teaching Excellence was established to honour the legacy of teaching excellence that Fredrickson inspired. It honours an individual who engages learners through exemplary facilitation, supports them through advocacy and utilizes innovative approaches to education.

2022 recipient: Allison Fieldberg

Allison Fieldberg is the former Chair of University Transfer and a current English instructor on that team. She has a passion for teaching, lifelong learning, and supporting community in the classroom and beyond. That enthusiasm certainly has left an impression on her students, who nominated Allison for NorQuest’s top teaching award.

After teaching elementary school, Allison completed her Master’s and PhD degrees and began teaching at the post-secondary level. Although those two classroom contexts are very different, Allison certainly finds common ground in both educational settings.

"It’s such a privilege to work with people as they develop capacity and strength,” says Allison. “So whether it’s kindergarten or first year college students, I have that same sense of what an honour it is to support people as they develop those skills."

An old proverb tells us that it takes a village to raise a child. Likewise, Allison is thankful for the students and colleagues at the college who enrich her teaching experience.

"I’m really grateful for the community here at NorQuest, and deeply grateful to my students who nominated me."