NorQuest Password Standard

Your personal information is our concern at NorQuest College. To keep your information as secure as possible, our password standard will help make it more difficult for anyone to guess your password to access NorQuest systems like Moodle, MyMail, and MyQuest.

NorQuest passwords must:

  • be a minimum of eight characters in length (longer is better)
  • include at least one special character (for example, %?!@#)
  • include at least one number
  • include at least one capital letter, preferably not as the first letter
  • not be a single word that can be found in a dictionary, including names (a passphrase is encouraged)
  • not be your birthday or other personal information
  • not be re-used

A passphrase is a sequence of words and other text, including spaces, like (do not use these specific examples):

Popover play harmful ga$trula grandeur husk1ng
Decad3CotenantFountain UrgentStinking!Loam

Your new password will not expire, and you can change it on your own schedule.

If you are a student and have any questions on the new password standard, contact Computer Commons.

Contact Information

Room 2-111, Singhmar Centre for Learning
10215 108 Street NW
Edmonton, AB T5J 1L6




Monday - Friday
7:30 am - 7:00 pm

Saturday, Sunday & statutory holidays

Note: Have your student ID number, home address, and phone number available before contacting the Computer Commons. Email requests must include this information.