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  • Language Arts – this requirement can be met with any of the following, or an equivalent course:
    • 50% in English Language Arts 30-1 or English Language Arts 30-2
    • 50% in ESLG 1860 or ESLG 1898
  • Mathematics – this requirement can be met with any of the following, or an equivalent course:
    • 65% in Mathematics 20-1 or Mathematics 20-2
    • 50% in Mathematics 30-1 or Mathematics 30-2
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Whether you have well-defined goals such as becoming an accountant, an entrepreneur, a business operations manager, a human resources professional, or a financial services representative, the Business Administration diploma program provides a strong foundation for any business career you might choose. Students will explore innovative trends and practices while acquiring the skills and knowledge relevant to current and future industry needs.

NorQuest's program integrates practical learning experiences with unique content for a truly different business program. The practical and intensive training throughout the program helps our graduates become in-demand job candidates.


Applicants can apply directly to the specialization of their choice.

There are five specializations for the Business Administration program; each provides a flexible and dynamic core understanding of business fundamentals with a wide assortment of job opportunities:

  • Accounting

    Graduates with an accounting specialization have an aptitude for numbers and enjoy problem-solving. They are able to look at the overall big picture while determining the bottom line. They are prepared to work with companies in financial, computerized tax, and cost accounting areas.

  • Human Resources Management

    Graduates with a human resources management specialization will know how to improve corporate culture and increase employee productivity. They will be confident in creating performance management policies, employing effective hiring and retention practices, reviewing and recommending employee compensation packages, creating hiring selection criteria, and applying employment law.

    The Human Resources Management specialization is accredited with the Chartered Professionals in Human Resources of Alberta (CPHR Alberta). This certification provides an additional opportunity for graduates wishing to prepare for success in the HR profession. The HR courses you take align with the content tested on the CPHR Designation National Knowledge Exam and can assist with building strategic competencies and skills. Visit CPHR Alberta for more information.

  • Management

    Graduates with a management specialization are becoming increasingly important to business in our competitive economy due to their strategic planning and analytical skills. They assist companies in integrating planning and development strategies using problem-solving techniques and consensus building. Leadership, marketing, and financial information are also studied.

    • Entrepreneurship focus: for students who are interested in starting a business of their own or who wish to help a newly formed business grow. It provides a thorough understanding of what is required to start and maintain a sustainable venture. Students will acquire the tools necessary to identify opportunity, assess entrepreneurial potential, produce a business plan, organize, promote, and finance a business, and prepare a marketing and sales structure.
    • Business operations focus: for students who are interested in how businesses supply, produce, and distribute goods and services in the most efficient and profitable way possible. Students will learn how to plan, control, and optimize business systems and techniques to deliver projects on time and on budget. Learning how to assess and improve productivity throughout an organization will make these graduates a valuable asset to any organization.

  • Finance

    Graduates with a finance specialization will be well positioned for work opportunities in banks and any financial services organization. As a financial professional, this program prepares students in the areas of financial planning, principles and industry standards, financial products and services, tax and legal implications, managing risks, and building financial customer service sales and expertise.

  • General Studies

    Students may elect not to have an area of specialization. These students would take the common first-year courses, then choose 10 additional courses out of all Year 2 courses offered.

    Students must have appropriate prerequisite courses as required.

Practicum/Work Experience

This program includes an optional paid co-op placement totalling 640 hours.


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