Nursing Foundations I: Introduction to Nursing - NFDN 1001

Credit(s): 4 | Hours: Lecture - 45, Lab - 15, Work Experience - , Other - 0

This first nursing foundations course of the Practical Nurse diploma program introduces several concepts and processes that will be further developed and applied throughout the program. The course introduces the learner to nursing by exploring health care in Canada, the history of nursing, and the evolving role of the practical nurse. Values, ethics, legalities, and legislation that affect nursing practice in Alberta are also introduced. The learner will relate the roles and responsibilities of the practical nurse to the direction of the professional association and standards of nursing practice. The nursing metaparadigm and nursing theory are explained as major concepts in nursing. Learners explore the holistic approach to client-centred care. Critical thinking skills are developed as the learner applies nursing knowledge to the delivery of safe, quality nursing care.

Practical Nurse Co-requisites: HEAS 1000, HEED 1000 & NCOM 1000 PN for Internl Educated Nurses Co-requisites: HEAS 1000, NCOM 1000 Restricted to PN & PN for Internl Educated Nurses (Some class sections may not be open to PN for Internl Educated Nurses)

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