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Born in Colombia and living in Alberta since 2014, 26-year-old Gloria Salamanca Rios came to NorQuest College already possessing a degree in sociology. After conducting her own online research, she discovered that the college’s Community Support Worker program could give her what her sociology degree couldn’t.

“When I moved here I was looking for something that I could specialize in helping the immigrant community. I came across a page about NorQuest College and I saw that they were providing a new program where you could specialize in one of four areas, and one of the areas was new immigrants.”

With that knowledge in hand, she applied and was accepted into the program. She especially liked that it offered a practicum where real world experience could be gained.

“The Community Support Worker program was valuable to me because it gave me confidence and taught me how to treat clients and assess their needs in the settlement service sector. It gave me the tools I needed to become an advocate for my clients.”

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I most definitely recommend this program. In nine months, it prepares you for work in the social service sector. It gives you the academic background and professional development necessary to have access to job opportunities and work within the community.

The program encourages you to put your skills to practice during the practicum and connects you to a larger social network that will help you grow in your career.”