Establishing a Gift

Making a major financial contribution, either as a one-time gift or a multi-year pledge, lets you provide a lasting benefit to a program or project that is important to you.

Our development officers would be pleased to work with you to develop a plan that is both meaningful to you and beneficial to NorQuest College. Your gift options may include:

Your support today establishes a legacy for tomorrow.

Creating an Endowment

When you choose to create an endowment at NorQuest College, you are doing more than making a donation. You are creating a legacy. Endowments provide a steady and continuous source of funding, allowing NorQuest to support today's students and future students, as they work towards their education and career goals.

A minimum gift of $20,000 is required to establish a new endowment. An endowed gift is invested in perpetuity, and a portion of the investment earnings are allocated to the purpose of the gift. A gift of any amount can be added to an existing endowment.

An endowment is an investment in NorQuest's future. If you are interested in creating an endowment or finding out more about NorQuest's endowment program please feel free to contact us.

Scholarships & Bursaries

Scholarships and bursaries play a vital role in the academic development of NorQuest College students. Caring donors support named scholarships, the Learner Access Bursary and Student Financial Aid.

Scholarships and bursaries increase access to education by reducing barriers. Student recipients are affirmed in their "job well done" and are motivated to continue their education and achieve their career goals.

Donors can establish a scholarship or bursary and name the award, as a tribute, or memorial. Scholarships and bursaries may be funded by establishing an endowment fund or through annual contributions.

To learn how you can contribute to a current award or set up a new award, contact the Department of Advancement at 780.644.5919 or

Gifts of Securities

When you choose to donate gifts of securities (stocks) to NorQuest, you will receive tax benefits and an immediate charitable tax receipt.

The fair market value is determined at the date the securities are received by NorQuest, and a charitable tax receipt is issued for the value on the closing day of transfer.

The Government of Canada has eliminated the capital gains tax on the eligible amount of publicly traded securities when transferred directly to the registered charity of the donor's choice. If the donor sells their securities and then donates the proceeds to NorQuest, the donor is still subject to taxable capital gain.

Speak with your financial advisor about your personal situation and the steps required to direct the securities to NorQuest. Electronic transfer of stocks is available through a transfer agent (bank or broker).

Planned Giving

A donation through your will allows a gift to be made from your estate without affecting your present income. Planned giving donations may include gifts of:

  • cash
  • stocks
  • real estate
  • other assets

There are also tax benefits associated with planned giving. Your estate will receive a tax receipt for the full value of your gift, saving tax dollars. The receipt may also be carried back and claimed in the year prior to death.

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