Million Possibilities Endowment Fund

The Million Possibilities Endowment Fund was established in 2012 through $1 million in gift contributions from 1000 Women: A Million Possibilities.

The fund supports NorQuest College students in need of emergency financial assistance. The Million Possibilities Endowment Fund can help students continue their education and reach their career goals when faced with unexpected or extraordinary emergency financial needs.

Since January 2014, a total of $23,169 has been disbursed to 47 students.

Below are examples of the impact the Million Possibilities Endowment Fund has had on NorQuest students:

  • Student G, a LINC student, was granted $700 after a car accident left him without a vehicle. He needed a bus pass to be able to travel to Westmount campus and to continue to search for a job. The amount also covered money for food and rent as he was not yet working and is not sponsored, nor a funded student.
  • Student H, a LINC student, was granted $356 to cover bus pass costs for the remainder of the 2014 school year. He had reached the maximum amount of income support to cover his monthly transportation costs to attend LINC.
  • Student P was granted $800 after she had to remove her son from an unsafe daycare. She had paid the September fees in advance and they were non-refundable. She could not start her son at a new daycare until the first month and application fees were paid. 
  • Student S is in her last year as a full-time student in the Social Work Diploma program. She suddenly experienced challenges with her loan status and had an unexpected change of residence. The Million Possibilities Bursary allowed her to secure a place to live.

The Million Possibilities Endowment Fund is managed according to NorQuest College's established policies and procedures. Disbursements are made from the interest on investments to ensure that the fund exists for generations to come.


Kevin Fitzgerald
Director, Advancement
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Sheila Witwicky
Chair, 1000 Women Advisory Committee