Welcome to Miyo-pimâtisiwin Centre

Women holding a cup that says Miyo-Pimatisiwin on it

Miyo-pimâtisiwin means ‘to live a good life’ in Cree. It’s a welcoming space where Indigenous students, staff, and community outreach partners can gather to share meals, tell stories, and participate in ceremonies.

Finding a sense of belonging 

Many of our students say Miyo-pimâtisiwin Centre is a home away from home. It’s a place where you can remember and reconnect with your roots—a place where you can unwind in an environment that’s familiar and comfortable.  

I’ve never felt unwelcome or unsafe. I think that the general feeling here at NorQuest has always been inclusive or friendly.

— Justin Carr, Indigenous Studies student

Free weekly lunches 

Gather in Miyo-pimâtisiwin Centre for weekly, homecooked lunches made on campus. The lunches occur every Tuesday at noon. Registration is not required. Simply drop by Miyo-pimâtisiwin Centre, grab a plate, and enjoy a homecooked meal with your friends and mentors.  

Free snacks are also available daily in Miyo-pimâtisiwin Centre. At this time, lunches and snacks are only available for Indigenous students. During the term, we also host feasts that are open to everyone.  


Ceremonies hold great importance in Indigenous history, and each ceremony is sacred to Indigenous way of life. In Miyo-pimâtisiwin Centre, you can participate in regular ceremonies hosted by a Cultural Advisor or Elder. 

All Indigenous students are welcome to join ceremonies. Non-Indigenous students who are interested in learning more about Indigenous history, way of life, and teachings can also take part in ceremonies when it’s appropriate.

There aren’t many places you can smudge indoors but the centre allows this. This was helpful in calming my anxiety before tests and exams and helped to center me.

— Rob Gurney

Indigenous Student Advisors 

NorQuest’s friendly, knowledgeable, and supportive Indigenous Student Advisors are available for drop-ins or individual appointments with students who need help with: 

  • identifying Indigenous funding options 
  • assisting prospective students with program information and the admissions process 
  • providing career planning and educational guidance to Indigenous-funded students 
  • liaising with bands in the provision of student support and service management 
  • referrals to appropriate community agencies and resources 
  • connecting with instructors, admissions personnel, tutors, counsellors, and advisors 

Free printing and tutoring services 

Do you need to print a document for your class? Indigenous students have access to free printing in Miyo-pimâtisiwin Centre. Drop by during operational hours to use this service. Staff are available to help you with the printing machine if necessary.  

Free tutoring is also available in Miyo-pimâtisiwin Centre for Indigenous students who need some extra help with their course material. Work one-on-one with a tutor to overcome academic challenges or obstacles.  

Visit Miyo-pimâtisiwin Centre

Indigenous and Non-Indigenous students are welcome and encouraged to visit Miyo-pimâtisiwin Centre during operational hours. If you have questions about ceremonies, weekly lunches, or connecting with an Indigenous Student Advisor, please visit Miyo-pimâtisiwin Centre or email indigenous@norquest.ca.

Indigenous Student Centre

Room 1-151,
Singhmar Centre for Learning
indigenous@norquest.ca 780.644.6772
Monday - Friday 8:15 am - 4:30 pm