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Hello instructors! The Career Centre is here to support you and your students. Our goal is to empower students as they prepare for jobs and future careers.

Collaborate with us

Invite a career coach to present as a part of your class instruction or if you are away for a conference or vacation. Choose your topic from the list of presentation topics below, and fill out this presentation request form.

  • Remember to give us at least three business days' notice when requesting a presentation.
  • Request a 10-minute snapshot of our Centre. A career coach can come to class to talk about the supports we offer to empower students to succeed in their future.
  • Partner with us on career education assignments such as resume and cover letter reviews or practice interviews.
  • Career coaches support students to develop career skills and tools, and we can even let you know who completed the assignment.

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Let your students know about the supports we can offer them.

Students can schedule one-on-one appointments with a career coach, view and apply for jobs on the virtual job board, and more!

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Presentation topics

The Career Centre offers the following presentations to develop students’ workforce relevance:

Transferable Skills Understand your unique skills and abilities and how to talk about them with an employer. Learn how to identify your skills and ways to highlight these skills on a resume or during an interview. Find out the skills most valued by employers in today’s workforce.  
Career Prep 101 Want to prepare for your career? Not sure where to begin? We’ll teach you the basics, including tips and tricks to start getting ready NOW for future jobs and opportunities. Learn how to strengthen your resume, build your network, apply for jobs, and launch into your career successfully. 
Resume & Cover Letter Our Career Coaches want to teach you how to stand out during the application process! Learn how to write an eye-catching resume and cover letter that demonstrates your skills, interest, and value to prospective employers. Increase your chances of being selected for an interview by submitting a strong application. We will also cover types of resumes and which to use as you apply for jobs. 
Interview with Confidence Interviews can be challenging, but our Career Coaches are here to help. Prepare for your next interview and understand what hiring managers are looking for in a new hire. You will also learn about interview expectations, types of interviews, and common interview questions. 
Practicum Preparation / WIL Placement Preparation

Get ready for your upcoming practicum or work-integrated learning (WIL) placement. Learn about the Canadian workplace and ways to make a good impression on employers and co-workers. 

Prepare for success in and beyond your placement, including practicing professionalism, understanding employer expectations, and building your skills for success.   

Career Planning Explore possibilities for your future career and develop a plan for success! Learn about yourself, explore job opportunities and industries, make decisions about your future. Prepare for your next steps by setting SMART goals (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timely) and breaking down tasks into smaller steps. This workshop will teach you how to create a step-by-step plan for having a successful career.   
LinkedIn, Networking, & Personal Brand How do you tell employers about your skills and abilities? How do you meet new people? Networking and building your personal brand can have a huge impact on your career and finding jobs. We’ll explore ways that you can get started and build your confidence. Learn how to connect with professionals, build your network, utilize LinkedIn, and make yourself stand out in your industry of choice.
Job Search Strategies How do you find jobs? What do you need to prepare for a job search? Learn tips from a Career Coach on how you can set yourself up for a successful job search. Topics covered include self-reflection, job search methods, networking, and utilizing LinkedIn. By the end of this presentation, you will be able to develop an action plan to help achieve your job search goals.
Career Information Interviews Learn how to explore career paths and build your network using Career Information Interviews. Our Career Coaches will guide you through every step of the process so you can make the most out of insightful conversations with a professional in a field of interest. Use these information interviews to gain insight on a career path, industry, or organization, all while building your connections and network.

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