Health simulation centre

The Olson Centre for Health Simulation uses simulation to improve patient safety, quality of care, health care, and human services education.

Simulation education is a bridge between classroom learning and real-life experience. It places learners in a life-like environment where they can use the skills they’ve been learning in class in real time. It also provides the opportunity to critically reflect on their experience afterwards.

Simulation promotes skills acquisition, aids the development of clinical judgment, and teaches students about complex situations with life-like examples. It provides a safety net for learning, allowing students to acquire and develop critical-thinking and decision-making skills without exposing clients to unnecessary risk.

Experience the Olson Centre for Health Simulation

Our mission

The Olson Centre for Health Simulation supports workforce readiness through the integration of applied critical thinking, competencies, and knowledge to prepare front-line professionals for Alberta and beyond.

Our vision

The Olson Centre for Health Simulation and its partners remain at the leading edge of immersive education through a research-based, learner-centred environment.

Our values

Collaboration, inclusivity, innovation, professionalism, relevance

Our services

Our simulation services include:

  • external consultations and custom building
  • corporate training opportunities
  • virtual reality and technology support
  • Virtual Dementia Tour

The Olson Centre for Health Simulation provides simulation training and support services for programs within the Faculty of Health Studies and the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

Our team

Dustin Chan, RN – Manager

Throughout his 15 years of experience in adult education, Dustin has witnessed the impact of educational technologies working alongside best practice simulation teaching to create lasting learning experiences. His amazing team of experts are leaders in creating psychologically safe environments with realistic working conditions that our learners will experience. This results in increased learner confidence and promotes problem solving, self-efficacy, and self-regulation upon entering the workforce. NorQuest learners scored the college with 99% in psychological safety and 95% in building confidence (2021-2022 surveying results).

Shaelyn Butchart, LPN – Simulation Educator 

In the simulations Shaelyn teaches, she applies best practice standards into her scenario delivery. Through her collaborations with subject matter experts, she has ensured learning objectives remain clear and relevant.

Kristen L. Ouellet, Master’s of Pathology -  MDPA – Simulation Educator

For the past 15 years, Kristen has prepared adult learners with high quality simulation experiences—all of which include best practices. To ensure workplace readiness, she includes key principles during operations, development, delivery, and debriefing.

Lucienne Soriano, BTR, CTRS – Simulation Educator 

As a simulation educator, Lucienne develops the simulation curriculum while also facilitating simulation experiences. Through her collaborations with existing and future partners, she creates scenarios that are diverse, inclusive and relevant to current best practices. 

Olson Centre for Health Simulation

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Appointments can be made in person or by phone.