The goals of Scholarship within the Faculty Development framework are:
  • to develop academic and professional leaders amongst faculty
  • to promote scholarship in teaching and learning
  • to develop reflective practitioners
Several opportunities exist for faculty to develop as reflective practitioners and leaders at NorQuest College.

Applied Research

Workshops to assist faculty with their inquiry into teaching and learning at NorQuest are offered throughout the academic year for interested faculty.

Instructors can do research related to their own work by systematically testing ideas, analyzing the results, and making improvements to practices. This can also be done with new programs and courses through pilot tests. Research projects in this model are usually done by collaborative teams, often several instructors working together.

Peer Consultation Training

In January of each year Peer Consulting Training occurs at NorQuest. This training involves the recruitment and active involvement of a cross-disciplinary group of faculty in the intricacies of peer consulting. Once trained, these volunteers form a Standing Committee of active peer consultants and their learning continues.

Teaching Dossier Preparation

There are several ways to measure excellence in teaching including:
  • Evaluation by students            (the learners)
  • Evaluation by peers                (peer mentoring)
  • Self-evaluation                       (teaching dossier)
By reflecting upon teaching accomplishments and strengths, faculty engage in a process. By supporting their reflections with evidence from their teaching practice, faculty produce an ever-evolving product known as a teaching dossier or teaching portfolio.

Workshops on teaching dossier preparation will be offered on an ongoing basis. E-mail for further information.