Community Engagement

The goal of Community Engagement is to increase communication about teaching and learning within and between Divisions at NorQuest College and other post-secondary institutions and organizations in the Province and nationally. This involves creating and providing opportunities to participate and learn from internal and external community groups and committees.

College Development Day

College Development Day is the ideal opportunity for those who teach at NorQuest to learn more about adult learning and best teaching practices. Sponsored by the VP Academic and organized by the staff within Human Resources, this one-day mini-conference features a number of sessions by and for faculty.

College Development Day is usually scheduled in late October each year.

Curriculum Showcase

In 2004, a number of curriculum grants resulted in the development of leading-edge courses and artefacts at NorQuest. To provide NorQuest faculty with a venue for showcasing their online projects, the Curriculum Showcase was started and is held each year in April.

Peer Consulting

The Peer Consultant Program at NorQuest is a confidential service that sees faculty discussing their teaching with their peers. The instructors who ask for a mentor consultation often are good instructors who wish to get better; new faculty who wish to learn what they are doing well, so they can focus on others issues; or instructors who are trying something different, and wish to find out how their learners are reacting to it.

Effective teachers who volunteer their time to interact with colleagues to discuss teaching and learning provide the Peer Consulting service at NorQuest.

There are many advantages to engaging a peer consultant including:
  • access to an empathetic positively focused colleague who is willing to listen, willing to provide support, and willing to discuss the challenges and ecstasies of teaching
  • availability of a teaching confidant
  • opportunity to obtain candid feedback from students
  • opportunity to receive objective interpretations of student feedback
  • non-evaluative feedback on teaching and interactive skills in the classroom
  • opportunity to inform students of your desire to improve your teaching and their learning
  • access to a resource of teaching and learning knowledge and skills

External Networking Opportunities

Besides the numerous internal opportunities for NorQuest instructors to engage in conversations on teaching and learning, memberships in provincial, national, and international organizations and institutions mean that NorQuest College faculty can stay connected to their colleagues around the Province, across our country, and beyond.

In addition to many discipline-specific affiliations, NorQuest supports: