Academic Growth

The goal of Academic Growth opportunities at NorQuest is to enhance teaching and student learning by building upon the instructional skills, theory, strategies, and knowledge that faculty members have with respect to teaching.

Academic growth activities at NorQuest foster faculty collaboration and inquiry into effective teaching and learning practices through the sharing of information.

Several strategies are used to promote growth and renewal of teaching faculty including offering pedagogical seminars at College Development Day (CDD), a variety of workshops, activities, and conversations, as well as print and electronic resources to renew and engage faculty.

Course Design Consultations

NorQuest College has developed a number of guiding documents around curriculum quality standards, course (web and hybrid) design, and universal course design.

The team within the Centre for Innovation and Development (CID) supports all aspects of course design and development including editing, graphic design, copyright support, instructional design, formatting, and evaluation.

Online Teaching Resources

Our instructional designers have put together a list of learning sites and documents to assist those who teach at NorQuest with their understanding of the scholarship of teaching and learning.

If you have specific questions concerning teaching strategies or if you have need of a specific resource, contact Barb Pearce.

Peer Consultation Program

Peer consulting is a service provided at NorQuest by effective teachers who volunteer their time to interact with colleagues to discuss teaching and learning.  These teachers strongly believe that effective teaching skills, responsiveness to learners, and collegial support are keys to effective learning at our College.

Peer consulting places a strong emphasis on the reflective practice of both the consultant and the instructor and involves time and commitment on the part of busy faculty. The benefits of such a service are enormous.

New to NorQuest in 2009, a team of trained faculty (your colleagues) are now available for consultation on teaching process. This confidential service is available to term and casual faculty as well as full time faculty.

To arrange for a colleague to talk to you about teaching techniques and process e-mail


The Teaching Professor and Online Classroom are examples of two electronic magazines available to faculty through the NorQuest library. There are many books that deal with teaching in the post secondary environment and adult learning.

To explore the data base or investigate an aspect of teaching and learning, go to the NorQuest Library website.


eCampus Alberta as well as other agencies and companies offer web-based presentations on topics related to teaching and learning from time to time throughout the academic year. All those who teach at NorQuest are notified of these learning opportunities via email. The Faculty Development Coordinator arranges for rooms and facilitates discussion following the broadcasts.

Workshops and Seminars

Inquiry into teaching and learning is the stimulus for Faculty Development workshops within the College. The learning needs of faculty drive the content, delivery, and evaluation of custom workshops on pedagogical topics. Sometimes referred to as ‘just-in-time learning’ these workshops are usually one to two hours in duration and are developed upon request by e-mailing

Seminars that see faculty talking to faculty about teaching strategies or issues associated with teaching and learning are also organized upon request by e-mailing

The diversity of educational programs within NorQuest is mirrored in the diverse teaching practices employed by faculty. Faculty sharing their best teaching practices across disciplines is facilitated through seminars that explore “those things that we do”.