Faculty Development

Faculty Development within NorQuest College is dedicated to the development and enhancement of teaching and learning processes.

Our support for all those who teach within the College ultimately benefits NorQuest students. They are exposed to innovative teaching techniques, improved course designs, scholarly inquiry into teaching and learning, and a stimulating academic environment.

Faculty Development at NorQuest embraces the complexity of teaching and learning within a post secondary institution in Alberta. The following multi-dimensional model highlights the five areas of faculty development activities and services offered at NorQuest.

Faculty Development at NorQuest is in service to all who teach here and to the students who learn here. Faculty Development at NorQuest is rich with opportunities for growth, development, and advancement within a collegial academic environment.

Faculty Development at NorQuest is guided by the following beliefs:
  • Learning about teaching requires practice and reflection.
  • Faculty share responsibility for their learning with their students, peers, and administrators.
  • Faculty who are learning have greater potential to be innovative and deal with change.
  • Learning about leadership and scholarship in teaching and learning involves education, modeling, and guidance.
  • Continuous evaluation of programs and services leads to their improvement.
  • Collaborative and experiential learning leads to greater job satisfaction.